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Black Homeownership: The New School Black Power Movement Print E-mail
Written by Roy Primm   
Tuesday, 23 January 2007
Roy Primm
Roy Primm
The statistics continue to stagger the imagination. Blacks continue to lag behind other races when it comes to home ownership. According to the latest U.S Housing And Urban Development research 68% of Whites own their own homes, 52% of Hispanics and 43% of Blacks.

Helping Afro-Americans own more homes is a passion of mine. In fact, I spend most of my waking hours researching, digging and distributing information to Afro-Americans on how they can get and keep a home.
Homeownership is the foundation of every community. In fact, the number of homeowners contained in a community often determines the communities stability.

A homeowner equals economic stability and roots. Stable neighborhoods attract businesses, jobs and educational opportunities no amount of marching, protest or rioting ever could. That's why I work so hard to inspire black people to save, improve their credit and buy a home, whatever it takes.

I truly feel homeownership is the "New School Black Power Movement". What I mean is the Federal Government has an abundance of programs, grants, low cost loans and other perks for minority homeowners. They know the benefit of homeownership. They know the only way to stabilize blighted urban areas of our country is to encourage, stimulate and help more people to buy homes.

As I write this, Congress is preparing over 93 new Bills benefiting homeowners in the next few years. Many targeted to minority and low income homeowners. If you get nothing else from reading this message understand a multitude of housing advocates continue to work overtime to create more homeowners. The next one could be you.

So, prepare yourself to take advantage of the programs that exist now and the ones that are coming down the pike.

Here Are Specific Ways To Prepare Yourself For Homeownership:
  1. Check Your Credit:
    You should check your credit at least once every 6 months to make sure there are no incorrect information on them.

  2. Maintain your credit:
    Be sure to manage your credit properly, pay all bills on time and resist overcharging on credit cards.

  3. Reduce Frivolous Spending:
    Take your lunch with you to work. Cook at home more instead of eating out.Look for more creative ways to save money.

  4. Keep up with what's happening in the housing market:
    Read publications or go to websites that deal with the housing market.

  5. Study Mortgage Rates and Financing Terms:
    Familiarize yourself with real estate finance terms; it's easy once you learn the basics.

  6. Keep up with the latest HUD programs:
    HUD is the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development. They constantly come up with new programs to help minorities achieve and maintain homeownership. So, it would be to your benefit to know what programs they offer and what's coming down the pike.

How bad do you want to be a homeowner? With all the suggestions in this message, this final point usually separates the players from the fakers.
What are you willing to give up? And what extras are you willing to do to achieve homeownership? It's truly the "New School Black Power Movement."

Are you getting ready for the revolution?

  • Roy Primm is the publisher of the largest source of information for black homeowmners on the Internet. Offering fresh information on the latest tax and housing laws. In addition, get the latest home repair scams, fair housing alerts, plus home value increasing tips for black homeowners. Subscribe to free weekly Black Homeowner Newsletter and get the freshest news first. Go to www.BlackHomeOwnerNews.com
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