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The Black Anglo Saxon, Part II Print E-mail
Written by Darryl James   
Thursday, 24 May 2007
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The Black Anglo Saxon, Part II
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Darryl James
Darryl James
A key characteristic of The Black Anglo Saxon is his comparison to a group of people he defines as "Niggers," who are all things wretched and all things horrible about the Black race. The Black Anglo Saxon defines "Niggerish" behavior and then assigns that behavior to some lower economic portion of the Black race.

However, the Black Anglo Saxon has a relationship with Niggers that is inextricably interdependent. In other words, the Black Anglo Saxon must have Niggers beneath him in order to define his exaltation above the Nigger experience.

The Black Anglo Saxon is to Nigger as poor people in collective are to Capitalists.

We who understand capitalism know that capitalism only works when there are poor people. People with great means can only feel value to their wealth when measured by their distance from people in abject poverty. They then have the power and the permission (of everyone on their financial level and everyone who aspires to their financial level, including some of the impoverished) to despise, pity and blame the poor collective.

And, we who understand the Black Anglo Saxon know that this state of being only makes sense when there are Niggers. Black Anglo Saxons can only feel pride and value to their social status as alleged Non-Niggers when measured by their distance from Niggers. They then have the power and the permission (of everyone on their social status and everyone who aspires to their social status, including some of the Niggers) to despise, pity and blame the Niggers.

The sad part is that with capitalism, there is a real measurement-money. Either you have it and you are then participating in the system as a capitalist if you so choose, or you don't have it and you have no say so.

However, with the Black Anglo Saxon, there is no clear demarcation between his status and the status he assigns to Niggers. No matter what segment of the population the Black Anglo Saxon rises to, there are still people who will point to him and call him a Nigger. No matter what behavior the Black Anglo Saxon assigns to Niggers, some of that same behavior is found within people even he proclaims are Non-Niggers, including himself.

Two weeks ago when I wrote "Ghettos of Our Minds," The Black Anglo Saxons quickly and vehemently declared that there really were Black people who behaved in a "ghetto" fashion and who should accordingly, be labeled "ghetto." Yet, some of these same rotten-brained, self-hating and confused bags of crap accused me of creating labels for division when I wrote "The Black Anglo Saxon, Part 1."

And, as I pointed out in Black "The Black Anglo Saxon, Part 1," the Black Anglo Saxon feels compelled to speak for impoverished Blacks, frequently without asking them for their voice.

For example, Oprah Winfrey went to South Africa to build a Leadership Academy for girls, which in essence, is a very beautiful thing. But she couldn't just build it and shut up. She had to speak for Black youth in America, claiming that they just don't want more than iPods and sneakers.

Now, I know I just committed blasphemy to disparage the great Black Anglo Saxon goddess Oprah, but really, has she done a real survey of these children to be able to make such a blanket statement? I ask because I've seen a number of surveys, but never any survey where Black children are actually saying that they don't want anything out of life but iPods and sneakers. They want those things and they want more. Just like the rest of us.

I hear all the time that people have lost faith in the education system, but in addition to Black youth, that sentiment comes from Black adults, white youth, white adults, Hispanic...well, you get my drift. A number of people across a wide cross-section of society have lost faith in this nation's education system, yet the Black Anglo Saxon accuses Black youth of uniquely giving up hope and "deciding" to do poorly or to do nothing at all and focus on material things.

In "The Black Anglo Saxon, Part 1," I mused that the Black Anglo Saxon knows nothing of Africa. The responses demonstrated this clearly. In emails and postings to websites, Black Anglo Saxons had no idea what Necklacing was, nor its importance to the freedom of South Africa. And, they insisted that all of the nations in Africa really are afflicted with AIDS, civil war and extreme poverty brought on by the wretched Africans who do not want to do better.

By making such a declaration on behalf of Africans, the Black Anglo Saxon is tacitly praising the European for his interference in African nations and secretly desires more, believing that Western Civilization is best for all parties involved. These are the same rotten minds that give birth to backward concepts including the one that dictates that slavery was actually started by Africans who sold their own people to the pirates who took them to the new world.