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Friday, 03 July 2009

"Join me. Take the leap of faith that's necessary in
any worthwhile endeavor and together we'll turn
this opportunity into success" -- Donald Trump
Did Donald Trump start his own
Network Marketing Company?

Yes, the rumors are true. It is called, The Trump Network. This is a great opportunity for some network marketers to have a billionaire's backing & unlimited support. Trump's presence will definitely bring MLM to a higher level indeed! Just think about this? There have always been some evil people in the industry that often leaves MLM with an unfavorable reputation. There are still people that run when they hear the three letters: MLM. For me, the industry itself has it flaws like any other industry. What can you do about it? You can start by becoming a better person and move on. Don't just be a good leader but work on becoming a great leader.

Are people really open to Trump Network? Network marketing is about getting that prospect when there is an OPEN WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY. If that person's window is open .You are on your way. What I found about being part of Trump Network, when I mention the name "Donald Trump" the window opens a little wider. Sometimes, I am invited to take a seat and asked to disclose all the information about Trump's company.

After church, I was followed all the way to my car because someone heard from fellow church members I had some type of association with Donald Trump. Amazing, huh? So why is this MLM any different from the other MLMs?

I saw many times how heavy hitters carry their down lines from one company to another. They are usually qualified in one week or three days. They can do this because they created history. Now, I am not trying to take anything from anyone. Most heavy hitters work extremely hard and deserve their money. Well, ordinary representatives often have no history. Their contact list is their family and friends. Donald Trump's name will give the ordinary representative's business the prestige and legitimacy. To be honest, it legitimizes the industry. It's an equal playing field now.

With that said, I still work as hard as though this was an opportunity without the Trump name. I hope others will do the same. Yes, the door does open a little wider, but don't get too big headed. Like I said before, it's a remarkable opportunity and one should take full advantage of this opportunity. This is history making! Listen to Donald Trump's message: 618-355-1511. And yes, I really do love pulling out my Trump Card (business card).

God Bless,
Angela Jones


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