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Welcome to iZania, a Black business community created to facilitate the growth of Black-owned businesses and to be an advocate for social issues in the Black community.

iZania Black-Owned Business Directory
Home Inspection Services

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Visit website to see a sample report. Home inspections are a win, win, win for everyone involved in the transaction. Buyers learn about the property up front, so they can proceed with greater confidence and peace of mind. Sellers, benefit from a faster sale with fewer surprises as closing nears.
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House Remedies
House Remedies provides new and existing home inspections and final walk-through inspections, radon testing and roof certifications. We are also approved to offer services as FHA 203(k) rehab consultants for homebuyers
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JMB Home Inspection, LLC
Residential Home Inspections for those buying, selling or making home improvements.
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