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Maxluv Description:
New company, new product, new delivery system, I am impressed.

Mar 09

Come Get Your BUZZ On

Posted by Maxluv in Olson Rogers12SCdoing Business From Home12 Second Commute

In my opinion, the Monday night training session moderated by Jim Allen was a good focused session and typifies what can happen when the audience gets involved in the session via their comments and questions. The bottom-line is, learning takes place and people feel they have had a worthy experience. I further believe this is one of the reasons why the number of people coming to the 12SC sessions has remained constant with increasing numbers since we started. Of course if you have not been there yet, it is probably difficult for you to fully relate to the excitement I am describing.

Mar 02

Check Out Your Business MIND

Posted by Maxluv in successSocial Mediasocial bookmarkingOlson Rogers12SCMLMInternet marketingdoing Business From Home12 Second Commute

suicide rates per 100,000 people

Coincidence is Gods way of …, or whichever of the sayings you believe in, can certainly be invoked here today. While we have two training sessions in the 12SC Training Room today and even though neither person has coordinated with the other; both deal with the ultimate part of the Success Equation: Our Minds and how to program same. The two choices we have are, Success or Failure. Unless we give it a conscious effort, we have already been programmed to fail. We are bombarded daily via all things external to our bodies to fail. Failure sells everything

Feb 23

Yes, I am Very Serious

Posted by Maxluv in writing goalsSocial Mediasocial bookmarkingOpportunitydoing Business From Homebusiness plans12 Second Commute

Often, the greatest peril facing a person after deciding upon Doing Business from Home, is the false assumption that Doing Business can occur at anytime. This is absolutely not true and has been the downfall of many well intentioned persons smitten with the idea of gaining fame and fortune by Doing Business from Home.

While there are many "Keys" to success with regard to Doing Business From Home, I believe the one most critical "First Step", is the Plan. You are tired of the Long Commutes,the Road Rage, Elevated Blood Pressure and not enough time with significant others. You say to
Feb 06

Who da Boss When Doing Business From Home

Posted by Maxluv in social bookmarkingOlson Rogers12SCnetworkinginternet marketing trainingEducationbusiness structureaffiliate marketing12 Second Commute

There are many reasons why we decide on  Doing Business From Home and chief among them is so we can be the B0ss. Now I say 'Chief' because regardless of all the other reasons and whether we even list it or not, when you're Doing Business From Home, YOU, are the Boss. So whatever the Boss did or does at your last or present job; you are the person who does it now. We often think of our Bosses or person(s)-in-charge, in very unflattering ways and we swear they don't know their butts from a hole in the ground. Well guess what, you now have you chance to show and strut your stuff. Are you scared

Jan 16

Don't ba a F*&*# Juice Head

Posted by Maxluv in 12 Second Commute

Recently, my friend Allen M., sent me an email that I found so interesting, I wanted to share it with everyone here. You are probably wondering why? Well, just let me tell you.

As one who works online helping others do business, there is an extra added concern for good health practices, or at least, I believe perhaps there should be. If you are on such a good time management schedule , that you balance work and pleasure with proper interjections of good eating and exercise; move away, as you do not need to be here reading this.

For many of us mortals, in spite of our best intentions, we focus

Jan 13

Why I luv My Autoresponder

Posted by Maxluv in SkypeOlson Rogers12SC12 Second Commute

Considering there was a recent time when I had no idea what an autoresponder was or did, to now, being fully comfortable using one, I truly wonder how I ever did without it; I have come a long way. If you are one who does business on the internet or is somehow engaged in corresponding with large and/or growing numbers of people online, may I suggest you look into using an autoresponder as well?
The choices in autoresponders are as varied as the stars above and the same can be said for their quality and cost/price, which range from free to expensive. As one who is on a tight budget, I stay as
Dec 26

Control your Tongue

Posted by Maxluv in Untagged 

Recently while attempting to absorb new knowledge factors from around the ether, I came across a question that caused me to stop ‘graveyard dead' in my tracks. And while the stop only lasted long enough for me to reread the question, I believe it is worthy of mentioning here and even more importantly, how you should be prepared to answer, should the question be posed to you.

I believe that one should always be prepared to answer questions about their business. Having said that, let me be clear that I don't mean; chomping-at-the-bit, ready to answer or blurting out the answer like a proud

Dec 08

More Than Just A Rainy Night In Georgia

Posted by Maxluv in Olson Rogers12SCDreamCopingblogBlack Votersaffiliate marketing

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