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Jan 28

A New Direction for Black Literature

Posted by TheroneShellman in Untagged 

My name is Therone Shellman and I'm the President of Third Eye Publishing, Inc. I'm also the author of quite a few titles, one being "The Secrets Of Self Publishing" A Booklet To Guide You.

When I first came in this industry I was all fired up about young black people reading. But then as the years progressed I realized that reading is not necessarily a good thing if you are not reading literature which will help you grow and expand your thinking beyond your normal every day conditions and circumstances. In 2007 I got involved in street distribution, and I financed a few vendors. Ultimately in

Jul 31

Are blackmen being targeted by law enforcement within major cities like NYC? listen in on Aug 22nd 6

Posted by TheroneShellman in Untagged 

My friends mark your calendars for Aug 22nd (6-6:30pm)
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Please make sure to stop by my online radio show "keepingitreal" Aug 22nd from 6-6:30pm (Est)

"Are young blackmen being targeted by law enforcement within major cities like NYC?"

The shows guests will be Moses Miller author Of novel the Trifling Times of Nathan Jones along with Richard Jeanty author of the newly released non-fiction title The Most Dangerous Gang In America The NYPD

You won't want to miss it.