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mrslightshining's Blog
mrslightshining Description:
Mrslightshining's blog is about life, business, and moving forward. This blog will be of great importance to all who read. Sharing a bit of knowledge is important to your success.

Thank you for stopping by!

Sep 09

Get Over it!

Posted by mrslightshining in personal responsibilitypeacepainmybloglife long learninglifefaith

I have always been on the receiving end of hurt and pain. People don't realize that their truth hurts just as much as my truth.

So, why am I wrong and they are right? What are they walking in? Well, the time has come that no matter who is right and who is wrong: GET OVER IT.

 There is nothing like living life in the middle of the problems others have created and put over you. You cannot go on. I could not go on. In the middle of the trials and struggles the stresses and the mishaps, I felt myself drifting away from the knowledge of what is right and trying to love with the Love of the LORD. I

Apr 15

Have you seen the KIDS?

Posted by mrslightshining in Untagged 

I have recently established 4, My Kids, Inc in hopes to help families in my community eliminate debt and obtain scholarships for college.

 It is time that people, as whole, look at how they can give from the heart to those in need. This organization was built on biblical principles and will thrive to help God's people.

 Shoud an organization built on spirituality worry you? No, it should help you see how you WANT and someone else NEEDS; if you desire to have your wants filled shouldn't you be a sower of many seeds? At least one seed?

No sir, no ma'm, we are not beggars, we are servants. There

Oct 21

Has it been this long?

Posted by mrslightshining in EducationEconomyDreamcommunitybusinessbloggingAfrican Americanadvertising

Wow! It has been since July that I have written on Izania! I can't believe it. That must mean that business is doing good or I don't have a life.

 I must say that I have been working diligently with a local women's ministry and trying to get past my church's women's day event. (which is this weekend) Ladies and gentlemen, I am wore out.

So to play catch up:

My oldest son start high school at one of the IB schools (preparing for college schools) they are strict on who gets in. So, he's there and playing football AGAIN. We have been a football family with him since he was 6.

My youngest started

Oct 21

The Spirit Said 20

Posted by mrslightshining in Untagged 

The Spirit Said 20

Twenty Women in the Milwaukee Area that are struggling financially and still trying to pamper themselves. I need 20 women, that want one day for them now that school has started and fall is upon us. I need 20 women that want more for less! I need 20!

I need a fab 20 set of women to sign up for the FREE SPA DAY!
At the manifestation conference luncheon, September 27th,  the Holy Spirit put it on my heart to offer something for free. Something that will give to the women that always give of themselves. Something that will help others see that the reward is in the giving, not the

Jul 29

Not for Sale or Lease (first written on Ryze)

Posted by mrslightshining in Untagged 

Your body is a temple...God gave it to you to use for a short time on earth....if you are following HIM, your temple is filled with the Holy Spirit....it isn't for sale or for lease to Satan and the flesh....and time is about to be UP.

You have a few choices and they are pretty clear.
1. Get right or stay wrong.
2. Stop playing with God and look at your life...
3. Keep walking with the devil and in the flesh.

God gave us a mind to have a choice....and you have a decision to make. When the last trumpet sounds where will you be? On the right side of the Lord or in line with the
Jul 29

The benefits of Black Business Builders Club

Posted by mrslightshining in WHYspiritualsmall businessnetworkingmillionairesMentormarketingindependencehome based businessfreebiescommunitybusinessblogblack businessBlackAfrican Americanaffiliate marketingadvertisingachievers

See me in so much more business, so much more ministry, so much more promotions at the Black Business Builders Club! Below you will find SOME, just SOME of the benefits of being a member. In the middle of those benefits you will find me; join me at the BBBC...and let's grow our businesses together! 


And So Much More!This is an understatement. We give you real value for a fraction of the cost associated with other programs and this includes: hosting for over 10 promotional websites. Your own webpage to market and promote your primary business. The ability to create unlimited Audio and Video

Jul 07

Work with Each Other Pt. 2

Posted by mrslightshining in successspiritualnetworkinglifeentrepreneurEducationcostcommunityblack businessBlackAfrican Americanaffiliate marketingadvertising

Below are links to programs that African Americans are involved in. These programs are helping us to create residual incomes to fatten our pockets.

In the process of fattening our pockets, we are helping others by increasing their knowledge of the Lord. Why and how? Well, this world won't last forever, and how, add scripture that you understand and live by to everything you do. Tell people to get their acts together by putting their lives on the line, in the front line of the word of God...AMEN?

As I said in part one, if you start with your immediate families with these links and services, you

Jul 07

Work with Each Other

Posted by mrslightshining in successspiritualnetworkingentrepreneurEducationcommunitybusinessblack businessAfrican Americanachievers

I have always come in to give you a piece of advice that will work for you. Whether this is in your personal life of in your businesses, I share information that will work.

NOW, if you use it to your advantage, that's great, if you don't, that's not so great.

I want to touch base with you about living your life effectively, efficiently, and economically correct by working with each other. Well who is is each other you ask? Your fellow business owner that is African American. We need to get our "black" dollars circulating in our communities.  We need to get our communities back on the right

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