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Jun 02

How To Compete When The Playing Field Is Not Level

Posted by Thuso in Information AgeGoalsBlack PeopleBlack MenBlack In AmericaBlack AmericaAfrican AmericansAfrican American


The history of the African American sojourn in the USA is one of disadvantage.  Brought here as slaves; considered chattel property; emancipated after 300 years; subjected to second class citizenship; faced with constant struggle to achieve equality and justice.  While the constitution of the USA claims a foundation of equality and unalienable rights, this has not been the experience of African Americans.


According to a Pew Research study in 2012, -- Economic Mobility For African Americans May Be A Myth. The research indicates "It is the case that African-American families manage to get to

Mar 27

Flexi Rod Twist/TwistOut

Posted by Sweet Nature in Sweet Nature by Eddiehealthy hair careHair StyleHair Care ProductsHair Carehair breakageHairbuy blackBraidsBraid StyleBlack Hair Careblack hairBlack Girlsblack business advertisingblack businessAfrican American Hair CareAfrican American GirlsAfrican American

Sweet Nature

NO HEAT Used: Click THIS LINK to see how this style is achieved on youtuve without using any heat!  


Feb 08

Do You Have a Social Media Strategy?

Posted by normbond in web 2.0small businessPan AfricanNorm BondNationalistInternet marketingeconomic crisisecommerceebiz_marketingDigital Marketing Internet Marketing NonProfits PuBlogging Marketing Media Meta Newsletter Online SEBlack Hair CareBlack Business Entrepreneurship wealthAfrican American

social media strategy

Too many entrepreneurs are ineffective in their social media strategy, simply because they have not taken the time to develop one. Instead they rush in and jump on the latest platform without thinking about how this contributes to their overall marketing plan. Some of the problems I see with business owners who follow this method include the following: 

  • People using facebook personal profiles as their business website
  • People setting up profiles on platforms like twitter, pinterest, facebook but not posting any relevant content
  • People with sketchy or intermittent content publishing
  • Jan 16

    Did Integration Destroy Black Progress?

    Posted by Thuso in IntegrationGoalsethnic groupsDiversityBlack Star ProjectBlack PeopleBlack AmericaBarack ObamaAfrican Americanachievers

    Day after day I read more grim news about the status of Young Black men and African Americans in general.  There is always some "gee whiz statistic" to get our attention:
    "More Black men in jail today than were inslaved in 1850."
    " One in three Black Males will go to jail in their lifetimes."
    "Freed slaves better off than most young US black men today"
    "Black youth arrests... are sending them down what critics call the 'school-to-prison pipeline.'"

    Despite what seems to me to be the most over-analyzed ethnic group in our society, we seem powerless to slow the trends toward more and more negative
    Oct 25

    A Weave Is MUCH More than a Style!

    Posted by Sweet Nature in Sweet Nature by EddieNatural Hair Carenatural hairnaturalhair weaveHair StyleHair Care ProductsHair Carehair breakageHairBraidsBraid StyleBlack Teen GirlsBlack owned businessesBlack Hair CareBlack Girlsbeauty businessbeautyAfrican AmericansAfrican American Hair CareAfrican American GirlsAfrican American

    Sweet Nature

     Many of us yearn for long beautiful, healthy hair, but the damage over the years may have caused our hair to be short and brittle. If this is the case for you, a hair weave may be the answer. Weaves are NOT only used to cover up damaged hair, but can be used in order to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair; used to grow out a cut, temporarily protect the hair from the elements, or to minimize or eliminate combing, brushing and using heat on your own hair for long periods of time. Whatever the reason you may chose to wear a weave; a hair weave requires careful maintenance otherwise you

    Oct 15

    Are You Sure Your Hair Loss Is Inherited?

    Posted by Sweet Nature in relaxersNatural Hair Carenatural hairnaturalhealthy hair carehealth and wellnessHair StyleHair Care ProductsHair Carehair breakageHairbuy blackBraidsBraid StyleBlack Teen GirlsBlack Hair Careblack hairBlack GirlsBlack Business Entrepreneurship wealthbeauty businessbeautyAfrican American Hair CareAfrican American GirlsAfrican American

    Sweet Nature

    Did you know that many women thought to suffer from heredity hair loss are actually suffering from inheriting bad habits and damaging practices? Habits, good and bad, are passed on from generation to generation the same way traditions are. Many years ago hair pomades and hair grease was introduced to our grandparents as the best thing since sliced bread; we also fell in love with the bone straight look relaxers offered us. In gravitating towards these "solutions" to our hair "problems", we forgot to do the research on the ingredients found in them.

    Many ingredients in our hair products such as

    Apr 12

    The Souls of Black Folk: The Dual Challenge of African Americans

    Posted by Thuso in Black AmericaAfrican American


    In the 1903 book, The Souls of Black Folk, W.E. B. Du Bois offers a vision of the struggle of Africans in America that I find useful in setting the compass for my striving as a Black man. 


    In many ways, we are reminded of our internal struggle  more than a century later. As we reflect on Black History this month, this struggle remains unreconciled for many of us.  We still face institutional barriers to progress while at the same time we celebrate the ascension of a Black man to the highest office in the land.  


    "One ever feels his two-ness, -- an American, a Negro; two souls, two

    Feb 13

    Learn to Love YOUR Hair

    Posted by Sweet Nature in womenSweet Nature by EddierelaxersNatural Hair Carenatural hairnaturalhealthy hair careHair StyleHair Care ProductsHair Carehair breakageHaircosmeticsbuy blackBraidsBraid StyleBlack Teen GirlsBlack Hair Careblack hairBlack Girlsblack businessbeauty businessAfrican American Hair CareAfrican American GirlsAfrican American

    Sweet Nature

    I remember my very first hair care workshop in April of 2008. This was also Sweet Nature's official local introduction. People that hadn't seen me in a while didn't know I had gone natural and I literally could NOT keep their hands out of my hair! I even had people argue with me about it being my real hair...lol. I think the most memorable comment made was by my older cousin. At the end of the workshop, I held a Q&A. She raised her hand, and in a very serious voice, she said, "I've known you my entire life and when you were little, you had the nappiest hair I had ever seen...How in the world

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