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May 30


Posted by JSS in The Magic of your own Circle.Social MediaSmall Business Web Development ServicesLoveInternet marketingInspirational ReminderGoalsGoal SettingFalling In LoveDreamDO YOU BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF YOUR MINDDO NOT LET YOUR DOCTOR TURN YOU INTO A DRUG ADDICTBusiness PhilosophyBlogging Marketing Media Meta Newsletter Online SEBlackowned businessesBlack PeopleBlack owned businessesblack manufacturersBlack In AmericaBlack Business Unity Helpblack business unityBlack Business Entrepreneurship wealthblack business advertisingblack businessBlack AmericaAS BLACKS...WE ARE NASTY AND DIRTY...SO I WAS TOLDAncestryAmericaadvertisingadversityachieversAchievement4Positive_Knowledge





It's been a few years since I have visited this site and no I ave not been sleeping on the job.  All I have to say is I thank the Creator for allowing me to uderstand now what I did not understand then, May HE continue blessing my family as they rest in peace. 

My company is now a SBE Cetified with the State of Arizona and I currently have several patent pending items. One which I will be starting a crowdfunding project for, I would appreciate the support of my colleagues in this directory. 

We all have complained about the hospital gowns and how lifeless they make us feel,

May 11

Is a manufacturer in your network?

Posted by millecinq in jewelry shoppingbuy blackBlack owned businessesblack manufacturersblack business buildersblack businessblack Americans overseasAfrican Americans

Want to know the difference between your favorite retail store and most African American stores? The answer is an independent manufacturer. What makes a manufacturer independent is his or her total control of his or her production chain. That requires having land access, or at least access to raw materials. That access is what allows a manufacturer to control costs as well as quality. That control carries over to his or her retail partners. The greatest advantage is to small businesses with restrained budgets because that also allows them to circumvent major product distributors, most of whom
Jun 14

Save 10% on your next order. Offer expires 6/16/14.

Posted by nwscents in Natural Hair CareHealth and BeautyHair StyleHair Carehair breakageHairbuy blackBooksbook promotionBlack owned businessesBlack Hair Careblack hairblack businessbeautyAfrican American Hair Care

Mar 27

Flexi Rod Twist/TwistOut

Posted by Sweet Nature in Sweet Nature by Eddiehealthy hair careHair StyleHair Care ProductsHair Carehair breakageHairbuy blackBraidsBraid StyleBlack Hair Careblack hairBlack Girlsblack business advertisingblack businessAfrican American Hair CareAfrican American GirlsAfrican American

Sweet Nature

NO HEAT Used: Click THIS LINK to see how this style is achieved on youtuve without using any heat!  


Feb 13

Learn to Love YOUR Hair

Posted by Sweet Nature in womenSweet Nature by EddierelaxersNatural Hair Carenatural hairnaturalhealthy hair careHair StyleHair Care ProductsHair Carehair breakageHaircosmeticsbuy blackBraidsBraid StyleBlack Teen GirlsBlack Hair Careblack hairBlack Girlsblack businessbeauty businessAfrican American Hair CareAfrican American GirlsAfrican American

Sweet Nature

I remember my very first hair care workshop in April of 2008. This was also Sweet Nature's official local introduction. People that hadn't seen me in a while didn't know I had gone natural and I literally could NOT keep their hands out of my hair! I even had people argue with me about it being my real hair...lol. I think the most memorable comment made was by my older cousin. At the end of the workshop, I held a Q&A. She raised her hand, and in a very serious voice, she said, "I've known you my entire life and when you were little, you had the nappiest hair I had ever seen...How in the world

Jul 19

Interview with EDDIE Part 1

Posted by Sweet Nature in Natural Hair Carehealthy hair careHealth and BeautyHair Care ProductsHair Carehair breakageBlack owned businessesBlack Hair Careblack hairblack businessAfrican American Hair Care

Sweet Nature
Listen as I am interviewed by Ms. Kiara! If you can use headphones, you can hear it much
Jul 06

LIFE, LOVE and MUSIQUE. Just another Fashion Designer

Posted by JSS in successsmall businessserenityromancemarketinghome businessfashionentrepreneurbloggingBlackowned businessesBlack SoldiersBlack owned businessesBlack Business Entrepreneurship wealthblack business advertisingblack businessBlack AmericaArizona Internet Marketing ConsultantAmericaAfrican AmericansAfrican American


Until I get the hang of blog conversion IZania you get what my website blog gets.


I was asked several times to get myself a blog.  Well, this is about as personal as I will get, “Take Me As I am”.

Thank you  Mary for listening to G-d. This Jersey Gurl appreciates your gift.

Okay to start. I would like to congratulate my two Boys to Men! They just received an award and money last night for their outstanding scores on the Elementary A.I.M.S. testing. Good Job!

Some of you know that in March I was recently invited with an application to showcase at Phoenix Fashion Week 2012. Being

Feb 12

“I Know Why Mandingos Sing-The real reason why blacks in America are so deadly towards each other”

Posted by wempee in National Black Justice CenterMama Africahttpwww.blacklegendseries.comcardstore.htmlhttpwww.blacklegendseries.combuy blackblack_star_projectblack_business_space_value_tourBlackowned businessesBlack VotersBlack Teen GirlsBlack Star ProjectBlack SoldiersBlack owned businessesBlack MenBlack legend Series.comBlack Legend Greeting Card Seriesblack in america black business america cnn blackBlack In AmericaBlack Girlsblack folks guide to social mediablack folks guide to big moneyblack folks guideBlack eliteBlack CowboysBlack Business Unity Helpblack business unityBlack Business Entrepreneurship wealthBlack Business Builders Club Wichita Ksblack business builders clubblack business buildersblack business advertisingblack businessblack awarenessBlack AmericaAmericaAfrican AmericansAfrican American MonumentsAfrican American GirlsAfrican AmericanAfricanAfrica


Fellow book lovers and lovers of African American history,


Review-IKWMS-on Izania

Author Donald E. Payne announces

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