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December 14th, 2006, 07:38 PM
Now What? Our Continuing Quest for Purpose, Focus and Worthy Sacrifice

By Dr. Nana Kwa Kra Kwamina II,
Tufohene, Atonkwa, Elmina Ghana
(aka Kwa David)

December 6, 2006

Considering our current condition the following quote aptly describes our African experience in America--“One is better off knowing where to go and not knowing how, than being free to go and not knowing where. Worst of all, is preparing to go and not knowing why?’

When our Ancestors were forcibly transformed into America’s only unwilling immigrants they unapologetically embraced their Africa ness. During this 1st phase of our prolonged captivity they knew precisely where to go but lacked the opportunity, resources and knowledge regarding how to get there.

Unfortunately, following nearly 500 years of successful phase 2 ‘programming’, our collective consciousness appears hopelessly lost along the African-American continuum--much closer to America than to Africa--despite consistent and unequivocal reminders that our interests (personal, social and economic) do not appear on any established priority list—including our own! While all other ‘sane’ peoples improve their status by embracing their cultural heritage and supporting their Ancestral homelands we flounder like the proverbial ‘fish out of water’ hopelessly waiting for the next political promise to bring a few extra drops.

Ironically, at the dawn of a new millennium, we collectively and consistently ‘cry-broke’ while wasting billions annually that, if used effectively, would resolve most of our more troublesome problems. Moreover, we possess the physical ‘freedom’ that would have answered our Ancestors’ prayers yet we appear clueless regarding what to do or where to do it. Shamefully, numerous logical and achievable strategies involving Africa never enter our collective psyche.

Among others, three factors significantly contribute to the perpetuation of our unenviable condition: 1) our collective inability to articulate a group purpose, 2) our inability to identify and maintain the requisite focus on those strategies that will properly channel our efforts and produce the greatest long-term benefit for us as African people, and, 3) our unwillingness to make the necessary sacrifices today that will propel the generations of tomorrow.

In these regards we collectively behave like a people that have been locked in a ’socio-cultural’ cage for 500 years. While our initial efforts were appropriately focused on finding a way out an unfortunate and bizarre psychological transformation has caused us to adapt and, incredible as it sounds, we no longer perceive ourselves to be entrapped. Ironically, we have grown to represent 40-plus million African descendants that Harriet Tubman lamented her inability to free because she could not convince them of their enslavement. To add insult to injury, we clearly see Ms. Tubman’s dilemma, while failing to appreciate that our present mentality is irrefutable evidence of a worsening psychological disorder.

What must we do?

First, we must stop romanticizing and rationalizing our Ancestor’s actions. Simply put, they did what they felt was best under the circumstances of the time and we were not there! Like all people they had successes as well as failures. Historical analysis now shows, among others, that that they made judgment errors and they were far from perfect. In short, they did what they did—good, bad or otherwise. We need to learn as much as we can about our Ancestors' thinking and reasoning, do our best to avoid the same mistakes and, above all, take action for future generations to continue the process of analysis and evaluation.

Second, as grim as it sounds, we must accept the fact that-by and large-things are going to worsen for African descendants in America. To weather this impeding ‘racial katrina’ we must learn (as have all other successful groups) to consistently focus our individual and collective talents, skills and efforts towards generating the resources necessary to strengthen our Ancestral homeland outside of America.

Armed with a perspective beyond America’s geographical borders other groups are free to a) conceptualize the world in a much broader way; thereby allowing them to consider a wider range of options-no matter what the issue, b) monitor the social relevance of their actions; thereby giving added meaning to their lives and c) measure their individual contribution to the group goal; thereby creating a meaningful legacy for their descendants. If we adopt and practice these simple principles each of us can support the building of the foundation that will provide expanded options for future generations of African people regardless of where they reside on the planet.

Three, for all of the foregoing reasons, we must objectively consider the premise that an alliance with Africa, in general, and Ghana, in particular, offers our best hope for strengthening Africa and addressing our ‘domestic’ problems. Once we have completed our analysis, we must research those efforts, initiatives and or strategies that are positioned to develop meaningful relationships with Africa. Next, rather then ‘reinvent the wheel’ at such a critical time, we must align our individual efforts with those strategies that resonate strongest with our spirit.

Fourth, realize that time is of the essence and overcoming apathy, fear and inertia are some of our greatest challenges. Stop waiting for the perfect situation-our Ancestors never had them. Decide on something, take your chances and follow your heart. Once you have your focus realize that persistence and sacrifice is key to the manifestation of all strategies. All other successful groups plan for several generations, make the sacrifices necessary to maintain the ‘big picture’ and persist until their transition. On the contrary, we plan for the week and live for today. This we MUST change if we ever intend to return to center stage as the world-class descendants of our great Ancestors.

I hope some of this helps a little.

Thanks Jim, and give my best to all of the courageous participants.