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Old October 10th, 2009, 01:21 AM
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Default Soul Food Cooking: Helping To Save Marrriages?

Soul food cooking is helping to save marriages and relationships. With the economic downturn continuing to take its toll on marriages and relationships, many housewives are using a secret weapon in their arsenal. Food, and more specifically cooking.

Yes, more families are cooking again, having meals at home and miracles of miracles sitting down and eating together as a family again.
You see more families bonding not just over southern food with its many traditional comforting delicacies, but you see it with other foods as well.

After over 20 years of fast food mania along with families eating at different times, in different rooms and while watching different TV programs. The recession appears to either have caused us or forced us to eat more meals together as a family.

The many soul food recipe sites springing up lately can't hurt either.
For example, the Walker family in Macon, Georgia has grown fond of soul food cooking. That means not only the wife, but the husband as well as their 3 children. At dinner time they all get into the act. They cook together, eat together and even clean up together.

This all started when Peter Walker was laid off from his construction job. Being at home he had the duty of preparing the family meals. As other family members saw how fun he made it, they all joined in.

Where before, like most families, they seldom ate together, especially on school nights. For example, the routine was usually different eating times, eating in different rooms and parked in front of the television. Now, except for the occasional family night out, they all eat at the dinning room table every night. In this case soul food cooking has brought a family together.

No doubt this same scenario is catching on with other families and couples. As more families and couples are forced to eat more meals at home and get reacquainted with each other again this trend is expected to continue. This is a case of soul food helping to bring more souls together.

See The Top 20 Soul Food Recipes Voted By Readers Based On Taste and Ease of Preparation, Go To ... Soul Food Cooking Favorites.

Courtesy: BlackHomeOwnerNews.com

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