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Old January 10th, 2011, 07:00 PM
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Default Building Black Institustion - Your help is needed!

Peace Beloved Brothers and Sisters

My name is name Takuna Maulana EL Shabazz. I am a resident of the Black community in Lafayette, Louisiana. Those who claim me as a friend consider me a local freedom fighter and activist for our people. Overtly, those who regard me as an enemy project me as an agitator, trouble maker and outside of the mainstream of Negroism. I prefer to think of myself as an average Black man, who fears no one but God, with an extraordinary desire to think and act free. However, it is not an asset being a spiritually rooted humble Muslim brother with an unending love for Black people , in the mist of those who has a vested interest in maintaining a slave mentality among our people. I stand firm on the principle of Kujichagulia ( Self-determination) which means to define, name, speak and create for self and kind rather than to be defined, named and spoken for by others. This statement best describes my social, political, cultural, economic and educational ideology. It is time to rise again Black man ,Woman, and Child and reclaim our original greatness! However, to rise to greatness we must learn to do for self. We must learn to feed, cloth, and educate self and kind once again!

Beloved brother and sisters, I recently made a needed educational investment in one the under-served Black communities in Lafayette,LA. Black I am Bookstore-Art Gallery & Museum is a new initiative and needs your support. As a retired teacher of twenty-five years(25),with fifteen of those years (15) inside one of Louisiana's juvenile facilities , I cannot overstate the need for a proper education and re-education of self and kind. The greatest hindrance in our Black communities are not the guns, drugs, violence or the display of self-hatred in all its forms. But rather, the root enemy is the ignorance of self and kind that serves as an incubator which gives birth to all these adverse conditions.

The fact that I invested all of my financial resources in an under-served Black Community, I have been shunned and mocked by many who can contribute but won't. They are only satisfied with giving lip service to the deplorable conditions in our communities. Recently, a lost negro(so-called Black man) walk into the bookstore and complimented me on how well done and beautiful the store looked. Then he asked , " Why would you invest in something like this with the Niggers on this side of town? Needless to say my response was not kind and certainly too lengthy to express in this communication.

The point is I am not naive brothers and sisters. I know the financial risk involved when working with a people who have been taught to hate self. However, I am convinced of three things: 1) I believe that more of us are awakening to the reality of the need to create our own institutions for real improvement among ourselves. Unfortunately , we are scattered across America and we had no way, before the internet ,to connect with each other. 2) I believe with your help and God's guidance I can be successful in creating an educational environment through the bookstore that will cultivate a greater desire in our people to express the best that is in them. and 3) No matter how impressive of a list we can develop to sight how we got in this condition as a people, the bottom line is Black people must organize their resources to change their own circumstances. We must create and finance our own educational institutions whenever possible for proper education and re-education.

Many courageous noble Black brothers and sisters died for us to have the opportunity to learn to read and write after being stripped of all forms of education during slavery. However, today we need strong Black men and Women that are willing to died to control what we read and what we write. Lest, we remain a people, unknowingly lurking in the abyss of ignorance of self !

Will you help me brothers and sisters in this effort? It is the expressed aim of my few words in this communication to appeal to at least one serious Black Brother or Sister who is a visionary among our people and who has the independent financial means to invest in a valued effort of self-determination. The best and most natural reaction should be a collective response from the masses of our people of average financial means driven by the spirit of unity and self-determination regardless of residential location. Please check out the details on this website (www.blackiambookstore.wordpress.com) for more information about goals and objectives. If you are reading this and decided to contribute to the cause please to so in one of the following manner;

1) If you are an interested private investor e-mail me at blackiambookstore@cox.net and leave me a telephone number to contact you with details. The amount of operating capital needed is minimum!

2) Donate $5.00 or as little as $1.00 online today!

3) Register your Name, Family or Business/Organization on our "Historic Ujamaa Black Unity Wall Monument"! Fill out registration form online then copy and mail in.

4) Post this message on your face page or e-mail to five persons that you think might be interested!

With your help I will be able to offer products and services online to all of our people near and far in just a few days. In addition your support will help me mount an effective grass root marketing campaign to reach our people who are unaware of our existence. I have no capital to advertise on available media. Also, your help will allow me to continue to provide free monthly educational seminars, stimulating the minds of our people. We are not just a bookstore but a rich community resource center and a cultural inspiration for our people! Freedom is not free! It never was and never will be! Kindly donate today!

I thank you in advance for your time and effort,

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