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Old September 20th, 2011, 06:20 PM
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Default Niche Marketing: Top of the Food Chain Marketing Tips

Niche marketing continues to grow in popularity. If you're in business and continue ignoring this topic, you're flirting with danger. Here's why.

Competition keeps growing, marketing cost rising and businesses face more demanding consumers. That's why more savvy businesses look to niche marketing as the solution.

Niche marketing is the ability to target specific customers for specific products and services. Instead of trying to be all thing to all people.
It also includes the ability to find the high demand - low competition markets, products and services. And have the skills to do it before the crowd or the competition does.

Benefits To Business In This New EconomyWhat's one of the hottest skills for a business to have in this new economy, filled with high competition and demanding consumers? Answer: Knowing how to create, find and improve niche markets, products and services.

Because knowing how to create, find and improve markets, products and services gives you a powerful advantage.

The person who knows how to do that enjoys a unique customer advantage over the competition. How?

By making it easier for them to separate their business, product or service from the competition. Not as easy to do as it looks - especially to your prospects and customers.

By knowing how to create, find and improve niche products and service you put yourself a step ahead of the crowd. That's a valuable advantage to have in the middle of growing competition and other customer distractions like you see now.

Dangers Businesses Risk Who Continue To Ignore This Form of Marketing:

- They risks financial loses as the market place grows more crowded.
- They risk getting blind sided by larger or better financed competition.
- They risk losing sales to the growing Tsunami of foreign businesses whose targeting more American buyers online.
- They risk getting over whelmed by rising marketing and advertising cost.
- They risk getting lost in the growing clutter of competition and other customer distractions.
- They risk falling at the mercy customer buying habits.

Plus other market shifts and adjustments.

Top of the food chain niche marketers have managed to avoid these pitfalls. Niche marketing helps businesses to adjust to the dangers just mentioned. That's why more businesses are turning to niche marketing principles and improving their bottom line.

As a result, they continue to slowly and quietly replace businesses who ignore the power of niche marketing.

Here's a sample list of how successful small businesses apply niche marketing principles. Based on 7 year research study.

What Top of the Food Chain Marketers Do To Succeed1. They research the competition.

Next they find out what their competitors hate to do. And they start doing it. This helps to separate them from their competition in the eyes of their customers.

2. They look for unfilled needs of their target customers. They think outside the box and work to find ways to fill unspoken, under served or unmet needs of their target customers.

3. They look for the top keywords their target market is using to find them online.

This is called Search Engine Optimization. It's a whole industry in itself. And the businesses who continue to ignore it will soon get replaced by those who use it effectively.

These are a few examples of how successful small business use niche marketing to thrive while others struggle or fail. Get more details of this 7 year study go to TheNicheMan.com
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