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Old February 4th, 2011, 01:02 PM
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Default How To Turn Any Problem Into A Profit in 3 Easy Steps

Can You See a Problem? Let Others Complain or Worry ... Follow This Simple 3 Step Plan and Turn Problems into a Profit.

When people talk to me about their money problems, the first question I ask them is what problems are you helping to solve for others. I admit this goes against the grain of most peoples thinking. The normal response to problems is to immediately complain, worry or run. But the key to turning problems into profit is to refuse to accept the limitations problems can trick us into believing.

Here's a Simple 3 Step Method To Help You Turn Problems Into Profits

I. Change Your Attitude About Problems
This may seem uncomfortable at first, but fight it. Why? Because you'll be going against the grain on the way most people think about problems. But that's what makes this first secret so powerful and why you'll see opportunities others walk pass and wonder how you saw it and they didn't. Imagine the power you'll feel by harnessing problems most people worry about and turn them into profits. Here's a powerful exercise that will change your attitude about problems almost overnight.

1. At bedtime just before falling off to sleep say this phrase out loud 10 times "problems are good, they show me profitable opportunities."
2. When you wake up the next morning say the same phrase again "problems are good, they show me profitable opportunities."
3. Do this for 7 days in a row. If you miss a day or a bedtime or morning session start over again. Don't cheat yourself by not doing this simple but powerful exercise.

After doing this exercise 7 days you'll notice how you'll complain less about problems and start seeing more solutions and profitable opportunities. If you find yourself slipping back into old habits do this exercise again. In fact, it's a good idea to do this once a month as an attitude tune-up or maintenance.

II. Practice Aggressive Listening For Problems
This is a powerful habit few experts discuss, because everyone clamors to be heard, to express themselves and to vent. But few people take the time and effort to listen. This is another secret that will make you see opportunities other miss. Here's 3 action steps to practice to help you develop aggressive listening habits.

1. Listen to what people complain about, what irritates them and what they worry about. This may seem depressing at first glance but in reality they're exposing how and what to market to them and people like them.
2. Watch television and listen to talk radio. Don't do this idly like most people, but do it as a way to practice aggressive listening habits. Again listen to what people complain about, worry about and what irritates them.
3. Listen for problems that need solving, whether you think you can solve them or not, especially the types of problems that's related to your career or business. Aggressive listening involves not only what they say, but what they don't say, as well as how they say it.

III. Choose A Problem and Find Ways To Solve A It
The key here is to find a solution people are willing to trade money for. That's why it's important to discover what people complain about, what irritates them or what worries them. Because these are the top 3 states of mind people would pay almost anything to eliminate. Studies reveal people will spend more and do it quicker to get rid of a worry, irritation or a complaint than anything else.

Here's a 3 prong approach to finding a way to solve a problem for others

1. Ask
Ask them about their problems, irritations or worries. Most people will be all too happy to tell you as much as you want to listen. But remember to do it with a goal and purpose in mind so you're not overwhelmed or asked to play therapist.

2. Listen and Hear
Its important to do both. Most people can get one or the other right but few people can get both listing and hearing right unless they practice doing it everyday. Because most people have ears it's assumed everyone can listen, but listening requires concentration and thought.

3. Act
Once they've expressed a problem, irritation or complaint action must come into play to solve find, create or uncover the solution. That solution could be in the form of a service, a book, product or a referral. If you've done your research the natural instinct inside you will tell you the proper course of action to take. Continue reading more powerful tips, techniques and secrets at TheNicheMan.com


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