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Old March 18th, 2006, 11:47 PM
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Default Were Adam & Eve the first people on earth?

I'll start by manifesting this truth, that, true religion, does not go against common sense;" and, yes, it does agree with Science.

God did not create everything, for us to understand, but he did create everything, that we may know it, in order to confirm his existence and his greatness.

Science confirms, that The One God, does exist;" and it confirms his greatness, through blessed people, who are able to use their minds how they were intended to.

We must use our God given, common sense too, when we study things. We also must ask people, who know more than us, to explain things to us;" and we must refrain from saying, that we know, such and such, is true, when we could be wrong. Only God knows what is meant by God's Word. Only his prophets could explain it to their followers. The last and final prophet has came & passed, before we were.

It was up to the Prophets' followers to teach the religion, to us, according to how it was taught to them. God Willing, those of us, who are destined to understand, will understand our religion, in the truest form, which, it was revealed to the followers of Moses, the 12 tribes (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him, and may The One God, be pleased with his community), the followers of Jesus, his 12 apostles (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him, and may The One God be pleased with his community), and the companions of Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him, and may The One God be pleased with his community).

Was Adam actually the first man created on earth?

Most of us, Jews, Christians, and Muslims, will look at this question;" and not even question it, because of the fact, that our religions imply that, yes, Adam and Eve, were definately the first people on earth. The Bible confirms it;" and the Holy Quran confirms it. Or do they?

Science confirms that the first human was from Africa. So do we combine science & religion;" and say that Adam & Eve were from the Garden of Eden, which was in Africa? Or do science and religion conflict, in this area, one being right, and the other one wrong.

According the the Bible, according the Quran, The One God reveals, He created Adam from dust, from a simple life germ, from a despised fluid (sperm), which was a congealed clot of blood.

We know that Adam was created by God for the following reasons, in order. 1. The Bible tells us this, 2. the Quran confirms this, 3. and science confirms that there was no way of knowing the details of how life was created, as explained by science today, back in the early 6th century, when the Quran confirmed, what the Bible had said about Adam being created. I'll explain this briefly later.

The Bible states that Adam and Eve, dwelt in the Garden of Eden, which was paradise. The Quran reveals that paradise is a real place, which is seperate from the earth. Notably stated, Adam & Eve were not on earth, they were in paradise.

The Bible states, and the Quran reveals, that Adam was tempted;" and he fell to his temptation. This brought upon The God's Wrath. The Quran reveals that every creature was banished;" and kicked out of paradise, because of the situation, which had happened. (We all know what happened).

This brings me to a point, which leads me to believe that, when Adam & Eve, were banished to dwell in the earth, the angels, were sent to dwell in the heavens, which religious scholars teach us, is below, paradise.

The Bible states, and the Quran reveals that Adam & Eve had 2 sons Cain & Abel. Question 1. If they had 2 sons, where did the rest of mankind come from?

Common sense leaves few options;" and only The One God knows the truth. 1. Did the son's reproduce with their mother? (Al-Ilm, All Knowing, please protect us from believing that) 2. Did The One God create more people after Adam, from dust, and they reproduced with the sons of Adam. 3. Were there already people on earth, when Adam & Eve were banished to earth.

I believe that there were already people here on earth. Al-Ilm, All Knowing, please forgive me, if I'm wrong, but I never read it anywhere in the Quran where it said Adam was the first man on earth.

The Quran reveals a story, which I will paraphrase, by not speaking the name of The One God, but because he has the most beautiful names, I will use his attributes.

Al-Kaliq, The All Creating, revealed, to the angels, that he would create a viceroy, to dwell, in the earth. The angels, innocent of sin, asked Al-Sami, The All Hearing, will you create a creature who will murder and cause mischief in the earth?

Al-Kalim, The All Speaking, spoke, saying "I know that which you do not know."

Al-Kalam, The All Speaking, spoke, asking the angels to reveal the names. The angels could not, for they only knew that which was revealed to them by Al-Ilm, The All Knowing. Al-Kalam, The All Speaking, spoke, asking Adam to reveal the names. By the will of Al-Murid, The All Willing, Adam was able to reveal the names. Al-Qadir, the All Powerful, commanded the angels to bow down before Adam. By the will of Al-Murid, The All Willing, Iblis did not bow down, for he was created from smokeless fire, a creature called Jinn, and he would not bow down to a creature created from dust, called a human.

It would only make sense that that there were people on earth already. If the Bible is correct in this matter, then after Cain killed Abel, he went off to a distant land, which was already inhabited, so that confirms my belief. It also doesn't go against the Quran, which states that Adam would be a viceroy of the earth. A viceroy is a governor or a king. By Adam knowing that there is only One God, Al-Basir, The All Seeing, he would be the first human prophet to dwell in the earth, with the true religion. Worship none, save The One God.

The Quran reveals detailed accounts of how life is created within a woman's womb during pregnancy. It describes the sperm, congealed clot of blood, the eggs, and the embryo growing inside of a womb. The details are so perfect, that Science confirms that there is no way any person during the 6th century could have known this without divine decree.

Adam, unlike us, was not born, of a mother and a father. Al-Kalam, Al-Kaliq, The All Speaking, The All Creating, simply said Be " and he was." Adam was a human. Jesus was born without a father, Allah said Be "and he was." Jesus was also a human.

I am simply a blessed student;" and am not worthy of interpreting matters of religion, so may Allah please forgive me and have mercy on me, if I have spoken any untruth, that was not my intention. My intention was to simply comment on a matter, which had baffled me for quite some time, and reflect on my pondering with like minded righteous individual. If I shed any light on any religious or scientific truths, it was not from me it was from Allah.
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