Getting Started!

Welcome to iZania!!

This page is designed to give you some helpful tips on how to get started and get involved with the iZania Community.  Read on below for some of the actions you should take right now to get you on your way.
In the future, you can find this page after you login by clicking the Getting Started link on the User Menu (to the right).

Find other iZania members

Are you looking to make connections with other professionals and business owners?  Use our Member Search to grow your network by finding others in your industry or region.

Click here to goto the Advanced Member Search
Then click on the Advanced Tab, where you can search for iZania members by such fields as Job Category, Zip Code, City, and State.

Your iZania Profile

The first thing you should do is finish creating your profile.  You profile is your online identity that you will share with the rest of the iZania Community. You should start by uploading a photo that will be displayed when people view your profile.  You can upload an image from your computer. Click here to upload a photo

Then, click here to select a forum avatar to be displayed with forum posts Next, is the rest of the information on your profile page. All of this information is optional, but bear in mind that the more useful information you provide, the eaisier it may be to connect and network with others in the iZania Community.  So think about what you are trying to accomplish and prepare your profile accordingly.

The main 2 areas on your Profile are your "About Me" section and your "Profile" info.  The "About Me" section gives you a text box with a Microsoft Word style button bar to enter free form text.  You can also add HTML links and images. (Remember, think about how you would like to describe yourself to the iZania Community and what you would like to accomplish on iZania.)

The other Profile information you can provide is geared towards networking, including contact, location, and business information. Click here to update your "About Me" and "Profile" information

The iZania Black Business Directory

Are you a business owner? Is your business at least 50% Black-owned? If so, you should now head over to iZania's Black-owned Business Directory and submit your business.  We created the directory to increase economic activity in the community by providing black-owned alternatives that can be used for some of our spending decisions. 

The easiest way to add your business is to browse through the directory and find the category best suited for your business. On that category page, above the listings, click the "Add your listing here" link. Click here to Browse the Black-owned Business Directory to add your business

Or Click here to add your business directly

The iZania Forums

Now that you have told us a little about yourself, head on over to the forums and introduce yourself to the community.  Our forums are a great place to share thoughts and discourse with the community.  Whether posting on lighter topics or debating critical opinions or dropping thought provoking knowledge, iZania's forums are a great place for genuine discussion.  No need to feel intimidated, we want to hear from you! Click here to go to the Introduce Yourself forum

Start Your Own iZania Blog

Do you have some thoughts you want to share on an ongoing basis? Blog about it on iZania! Blogging is a great way to let us know what's on your mind, and for businesses, it's a great tool to share your company's expertise and connect with potential customers. Click here to start your own blog (My Blog Dashboard )

Follow iZania on Twitter

Follow iZania on TwitterClick here to follow us on Twitter

Invite Your Friends

And finally, if you like us, tell somebody.  Spread the word about iZania to your friends. Make sure to invite at least 1 friend today! Click here to invite your friends to iZania Once again, we're glad to have you here at iZania and look forward to your active participation.