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Welcome to iZania, a Black business community created to facilitate the growth of Black-owned businesses and to be an advocate for social issues in the Black community.

Business Advice
Think Strategy -- You Could Be Next Print E-mail
Written by Torin Ellis   
Monday, 21 April 2008
ImageYou could be next.  Not to loose your home; but to loose your job.  What would happen if your employer, Department Head, or VP weren’t telling the complete truth?  Understating the health of the organization or the team.  Specifics aren’t the issue - there are far too many variables.  The point of this piece is that you must always ensure that you are in a position to negotiate, run, or rebound should the situation appear unfavorable. 
Think Strategy -- Life Cycle Print E-mail
Written by Torin Ellis   
Monday, 14 April 2008
ImageIn all of our consumption and most of the information secured, products we use, places we frequent, there applies the term life cycle.  In business the term covers roughly seven stages of an organization's possible position.  In technology it covers seven minutes.  In business you grab an idea, run with it, enjoy the success, and eventually exit the scene.  Dissolve, or better still...sell.  Move on.
Post racial conflict: America to enter Heaven without confessing her sins Print E-mail
Written by Lloyd Wynn   
Friday, 11 April 2008
ImagePrior to the current mortgage crisis, the median wealth of a White family was $88,000.00, the median wealth of a Black family was $5,900.00.  The forthcoming evidence proving the Federal Governments’ role in producing this startling statistic will be overshadowed by the controversy over the truthful statements of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and subsequent division in the Black community over color blindness and culpability.  It appears the color blind faction will prevail as their membership explodes with the congregants from the churches of Obama, Davis, Booker, Patrick and other Ivy-league preachers.  Members are being baptized in droves.  Never in the history of the Black community have we seen so many answer the call to hope, with all supplicants expressing faithfulness and devotion to the color blind ideology.
Think Strategy -- The Steps of Life Print E-mail
Written by Torin Ellis   
Tuesday, 25 March 2008
ImageHow do we climb the mountains of our lives? One step at a time! Life is a continuous series of steps beginning with grade school, middle school, then high school. College (perhaps) - then finally the work force. The steepest step of all may be the process of applying ourselves. Consistently climbing; we get off on some and consider jumping to others.
Think Strategy -- Designated Confusion Print E-mail
Written by Torin Ellis   
Monday, 17 March 2008

ImageTrue story.  Several months back, I went for an early morning run after about two hours of sleep.  Mind had been racing for hours.  Tossing ideas and throwing solutions.  Vibes were too strong for a notepad.  Had to move – got up and dressed for a few morning miles.  Chose a main street – 4:20a – instead of a track.  In this story I trip – land on my the street – look up as vehicles are approaching.  More than 100 yards away.  Thank God.

Think Strategy - In the Rain With No Umbrella Print E-mail
Written by Torin Ellis   
Tuesday, 11 March 2008
ImageWe've all heard and read a lot in recent years about the demographic shifts that will change the workforce of the future. I argue that future is now. Corporate culture, keeping employees fully engaged, and a team approach to tackling priorities are all on the smart company's agenda. No problem there.

Monday's are required for nearly 150 million people in the workforce hoping to achieve progress. Yet unemployment, underemployment, and those disgruntled with their employment number nearly 7/10. Many uncover they are not aligned with a smart company. Staggering truth. So many in the rain with no umbrella.
Think Strategy -- Performance Print E-mail
Written by Roger Madison Jr.   
Tuesday, 04 March 2008
ImageYour attention please. Corporate malfeasance is most often used when describing disastrous accounting scandals like Arthur Anderson, Enron, Worldcom. More than 10 years later, the SEC continues to struggle with regulatory systems put in place and some reports doubting their usefulness. I'm more concerned with documenting personal performance; a different type of accounting scandal.
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