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Welcome to iZania, a Black business community created to facilitate the growth of Black-owned businesses and to be an advocate for social issues in the Black community.

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Trapped! Print E-mail
Black Business Advice
Written by Torin Ellis   
Tuesday, 14 August 2007
When you're working hard and nothing is coming in, you ask yourself what's the reason? Someone once told me that favor is not fair and to just be patient for my time will come. I'd already been an entrepreneurial success and wondered if I could do it again. When caught in the tunnel of trial and error exits are always positioned too far in either direction. Being trapped forces action to ooze from your intuition.
Inactivism with Comfort Print E-mail
Our Community
Written by Darryl James   
Friday, 10 August 2007

Darryl James
In responding to one of my recent columns, someone suggested that Black people can never be of one accord because we are far too diverse.

It's an interesting concept, but one that spits in the face of our actual history and one that ignores the fact that some of us who were born in comfort have little concern for those who were not.

It is part of the American way to blame the poor and the oppressed for their condition.

Trial and Error Print E-mail
Black Business Advice
Written by Torin Ellis   
Tuesday, 07 August 2007
Trial and Error
In a recent blog post ( http://www.dahgurl.com ) Shawn Mason Spence drafted an interesting piece that included a powerful one liner. She said, "I've thought about plenty, halfway implemented many, but nothing really stuck." Upon reading that phrase, I immediately conducted a team huddle... no sideline coach present. All by myself darting thru deep thought.
"We" and "The Struggle" and Immobilizing Words Represent Our Resistance Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Jean Daniels, Ph.D.   
Sunday, 05 August 2007

Here is an†article by Dr. L.†Jean Daniels, PhD,†Black Commentator columnist, that is deeply thought-provoking.

I am wondering who's the "we" when some of us speak about Black Americans and what's "the struggle" "we" are engaged in now - assuming that the "we" is different from the "we" of the 1960ís and the "struggle" is different from the struggle for Civil Rights.†

In saying "we" Blacks are in "the struggle" here in the United States, are we talking about those Blacks who get up in the morning or evening to arrive at low-paying jobs and who know on Monday that Friday's check is already accounted to pay the utilities or to add to last Friday's check in order to pay the rent?

Getting Black Boys To Read Books: Hip-Hop Enters The Fray (and that might not be a good thing) Print E-mail
Our Community
Written by Anthony Absadullah Samad, Ph.D.   
Sunday, 29 July 2007
Anthony Absadullah Samad, Ph. D.
In a materialistic world, what is the most valuable thing you can give your young boys? Nope, it's not money-they'll spend it on rims and shoes. Nope, it's not "bling"- they'll only create a false illusion of wealth that, in the end, they'll pawn. Nope, not video games - it only makes them fat and lazy (but they'll have strong thumbs). How about a book? Yes, a book.
Each Day Allowed Wake Up And Kiss Excellence As You Strive For Excellence Print E-mail
Our Community
Written by Donald L. Dowridge, Jr.   
Thursday, 26 July 2007
Donald L. Dowridge, Jr.
Donald L. Dowridge, Jr.
Saturday afternoon in Tampa maybe some clouds moving and making way for another wonderful day of sunshine upon God's earth. I can't help but to stop and think about the babies who are lying in a nursery and have no idea what type of family they will go into. Will that baby have ties into a well to do family that will love him/her and guide them with a skillful hand? Will the picture be twisted where that same infant will find him/herself in a family where they will be abused and treated as a refugee? I will admit I have a heart in this situation because I am a product of the latter.
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