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On each forum I visit I find some discussions regarding the "lack of support" from Black business owners, entrepreneurs and consumers. There always seems to be some general (sometimes stated, sometimes implied) "expectation" regarding the behavior of Black people as it relates to Black business and the use of ones money. Expressions of how it "should" be as opposed to how it "could" be.

I consider myself a Black Business Advocate and supporter of Black entrepreneurship. Over many years, I have put both my time and my money to this commitment. And will work until my end being committed to the cause of Black business owners and entrepreneurs.

What I see happening to many, is that we as business owners and entrepreneurs don't know how to manage and then overcome the "fear" of being in business. Nor do we fully understand how to get the real results we say we want.

Many seem to operate in a constant state of "fear". As a friend of mine says, "False Expectations Appearing Real". These "expectations" tend to cause people to PANIC when the expectations don't manifest (usually within their EXPECTED time frame).

Maybe this will help some of us in 2007:

1) Stop panicking. Fear keeps you from thinking clearly. Desperation causes you to sap your remaining power on useless actions. Including joining program after program with no intent on really working the business, but with great expectation that the "opportunity" will pay you anyhow.

How do you get rid of the fear? Imagine the WORST possible outcome. Realize that in 99.99% of cases, even the worst possible outcome will NOT lead to your death. In reality, most of the outcomes we fear lead only to inconvenience or embarrassment. Both of which are survivable.

2) Write down all your assets. Include your skills, abilities, knowledge, money, credit, physical objects, friends, relations and acquaintances.

3) Brainstorm solutions. Sit down physically or virtually with a group of people who care about you and your welfare. State your intended goal as clearly and exactly as possible (Clear Target!) . Not the money you need, but what you need it for! There are other ways to get things than with money, and if you state your goal ONLY as money then you cut yourself off from potential solutions.

Have everyone in the group throw out every possible way they can think of, no matter how crazy it sounds, to reach your TARGET. In fact, the crazier the better, as it will stimulate POSITIVE energy, and an out flowing of ideas. No criticism, nay saying or negativity is allowed during the process as it will immediately shut down everyone's creativity (note: YOUR fear is shutting down YOUR creativity).

Just keep writing down solutions as fast as you can. When everyone has run out of ideas, just sit there for a few minutes and see if any more ideas pop out. Read thru your list of ideas and brainstorm derivations of them, add those to the list. This will include marketing to Black people or not.

4) Choose your path. Now its time for critical thinking. Take your list and evaluate each idea. Will it allow you to reach your intended target (Y/N)? If 'Yes', how do you know? Taking only the potential solutions that you answered 'Yes' to, and that you have REAL, solid reasons to believe will allow you to accomplish your goal, answer the following: Which of these solutions is the MOST direct path to my Target? (Straight Lines) If you have only one path that is the most direct, you're done, its time to start taking action.

If you have more than one path to choose from ask one more question: Which of these excellent choices to reach my Target requires the LEAST of my power (Time/Energy/Money)?


For those of you who are thinking 'Yeah, but..'
- You don't understand my situation
- I have no assets
- There is no one in my life that cares about me to brainstorm with
- There is NO WAY to get what I want in the time I need it in

I say: False, False, False, False

Everyone's situation is 'unique', but 'there is nothing new under the sun'! Every possible dire scenario has been faced SUCCESSFULLY by hundreds of people throughout history, and your situation is probably being faced SUCCESSFULLY by hundreds of people TODAY!

You ALWAYS have assets. Are you wearing clothes? You're reading this on a COMPUTER! Did you know people will actually pay money for your blood? If you can't come up with a list of your assets, have someone help you make the list.

There are people all over the world who genuinely care about you as a person and fellow human being. I'm one of them, that's why I'm taking the time to write this. I'm more than willing to help you, and I'm sure there are many others in this forum and others that are as well. But there is one catch, only if you're willing to help YOURSELF.

Looking for a 'savior' who will hit your target FOR you, or give/sell you a magic bullet, is a recipe for failure! You are RESPONSIBLE for hitting your target.

If you feel your needs or your timeline are impossible, maybe they are! If after performing your asset inventory and going through a brainstorming session you can't come up with a way to hit your Target, then you need to ask yourself a question: Is this Target realistic given my current level of POWER and BELIEF?

If the answer is NO, then its time to adjust your target. Usually your timeline is the problem! So, now you have a NEW brainstorming question, which is: How can I extend my 'deadline' for this target?

OK. This post is getting too long, so I'll close with: There are no magic target hitting bullets! YOU need to develop YOUR shooting skills. No one else is going to hit your target for you. But there are a lot of teachers, and fellow shooters who are more than willing to help you develop your skills! Its not a Black thing its a Fear thing. Overcome and lets move on.

Join the National Black Business Trade Association as a visible demonstration of unity. Network at places like Ryze that offer Master Mind Groups or Mentoring Groups like BlackBusinessSpace.com (http://www.blackbusinessspace.com) and iZania (http://www.izania.com). There are other places as well, but avoid at all cost those environments with negative people and limiting mindsets.

Peace and Blessings,

Lee Green
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