13 Aug Back-to-School Hair Care and Styling Tips

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  It's almost time for school for many kids/ If your daughter is anything like mine, she stayed in the pool and was shuttled from one camp or activity to another all summer long and if you are anything like me, you couldn't keep up with washing it and re-doing it each time. Some days I just washed her hair with the twist or braids still in, some days I co-washed it, and other days, I am ashamed to say, I just rinsed it with cool water, sprayed it with Growth spray, and pulled it back into a ponytail with Wisdom heavy moisturizer.

Combining my terrible practices with extreme heat and chlorine my daughter's hair didn't end the summer as healthy as it started. Fortunately, her hair did start off the summer extremely healthy and super hydrated; thanks to her diligence when it came to taking care of it. Yes, at 11 my daughter is extremely knowledgeable about hair care. And, since this is the beginning of a new school year and they are going to be learning new stuff anyhow, why not teach your daughter the basics of caring for her own hair?

Also, the beginning of a new school year can cause some time management issues. As the lazy days of summer mornings begin to transition into chaotic mornings, trying to care for the hair may cause some stress. ere is some basic information you can give her to get started as well as some tips to cut down on your own frustration when dealing with getting ready for the new school year. 

Back-to-school hair styling 

  • Braids are a perfect way start the new year. Braids are generally long term styles (2-8 weeks) and may help cut down on some early school year frustrations. Extensions, beads, French braids, box braids or other braided styles are all great options. 
  • Setting the hair at night, before bed and tying it down with a satin scarf is also a way to be ahead in the morning. Putting rollers, braids, or twists in at night will allow for quicker styling in the morning.
  • Choose hair styles that are easy and don't need to be touched up for a week at a time. These styles usually include 2 French braids, bantu knots, wraps, two-strand twist, pinned up styles, etc. They can usually stay neat if tyed down nightly, or can easily be re-created each night because they are generally quick and easy.
  • Get a cut that is easy to maintain. I remember the challenging myself to grow my hair as long as possible, when I realized, the longer it grew, the longer it took to style! I then decided that shorter hair was easier for my lifestyle and I cut it from 14" to 2". 
  • Get as many styles out of one style as possible. Two-strand twist are a great way to get multiple styles out of one. They can be pinned up countless different ways (even if they are short) and they can also be taken down to reveal a twist-out, yet another style.  (all actual same twist)
Back-to-school hair care tips for your daughter
  • Teach her to identify when her hair needs to be hydrated. Sometimes when we style our daughter's hair in a long-term style, we forget to moisturize it regularly. My daughter never forgets; she knows when her hair is too dry and knows what to do to hydrate it. If it's braided, she sprays it, if it's twisted, she uses a cream moisturizer; Wisdom or Dream.
  • Teach her to wrap her hair with a satin scarf at night and make sure she makes it a habit to do it every night. If she is too young or can't grasp tying it, get her a satin bonnet; these go on easily. You can also get her a satin pillow case, but a scarf is always the best option.
  • Khyli got her hair straightened at a salon for her 9th birthday. After going through the experience she decided she didn't like it because, "he used way too much heat". Teach your daughter to use heat sparingly if she needs to use it at all. If she does have a relaxer and wears her hair down, teach her to wrap it up at night so she will not have to use heat as often.
  • One of the hardest lessons to instill in Khyli was putting a scarf or plastic cap under her winter hat. She said it was embarrassing to wear a plastic cap; I sympathized with her on that, so we got her a hat with satin lining in the inside. I do have to remind her at the beginning of each winter to wear her hat, but after the first week, she won't go outside without it.

These are some very basic tips to start on a journey to healthier easier hair care.

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