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Black America, Brothas & Sistas,                                                                 LETS GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLE!

In this corner, we have the abolition of slavery in the U.S., more generally, the emancipation of slaves throughout the confederate south and the observation and celebrations tha followed. Weighing at 150 years, the historically acclaimed JUNETEENTH; formally titiled Juneteenth Independence Day!

And in this Corner, we have the creation and commemoration of the official National Holiday as a result of  the Nationwide Full Press Economic Boycott SILENT DOLLARS, weighing in at a Negative 5 years and 6 months from its conception to its facilitation and implementation- the official undefeated Independence champion of the world, BLACK INDEPENDENCE DAY!

May the two meet in the center of the ring, shake hands and  come out fighting!

Okay, Okay, All kidding aside,  Before I breakdown the concepts of the two independence days, let me clear the air about my thoughs on Juneteenth. I'm all down for recognizing and observing the freeing of slaves and the day we observe this moment in Black History, but I must make clear in respect to both metaphors, they are of two seprate and different origins, derived from actions and procedures therein. Plus, this article is to also clarify the definition of independence, in terms of  a race or culture in a structured societ, not only to be politically, but historically correct.

I found it necessary to write this article becsue herar soe black folks, especially the more culturally & conscious blacks that beleive that I, along with thousands of other blacka that are supporting and proceed with the movement highlighted by SILENT DOLLARS, ar either minimizingthe significance or  replacing JUNETEENTH entirely as a Black / African American Independencd Day through the SILENT DOLLARS incarnationof our official BLACK INDEPENDENCE DAY. THIS IS TOTALLY NOT TRUE!

Some of you who read my articles ove the last few years may remeber that I make clear tht the play on words an be very powerful in defining, suggessting, governing and even controlling a people or masses, and I know for a fact that thiswere the case when our ancestors or scholars of that era, or circa taht era, defined or equated teh freedom of slaves as being independent. Yes, blacks were literally independently free to roam this country as individuals, but that does nt mean that they were free mentally, and economically, let alone  independent as a community, as individuals and as a people as a whole. This is why I wrote this article to tell thetrugh based on basic and documentd facts, egardless of who is either embarassed or angerd by it. remember thatTHE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH, and THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

Fist, lets keep it very real my people from a factual standpoint. These two declared days of observaton are derived from two sperate entities. Both have similar concepts with grat intensions, but with two very different definitive origins.

Lets start by making it clear of the historical and political correctness of how Independence Days are declared.

If you go down the line of ethnic groups Independence Days,  tehywere all the result of a  civil unrest, a civil war or national protest tah often resulted in a physical confrontation between the armies or enforcers of the governing or ruling powers that be and the civilians of that country, continent or nation.

With that said, lets examine and properly define the origins of the two black Independence Days.

First we have Juneteenth- More historically and officiall titled; JUNETEENTH INDEPENDENCE DAY

 Juneteenth. Indeendence Day, Freedom Day, or Emancipation Day , is a holiday in the United States that commemorates the announcement of he abolition of slavery in the U.S. state of Texas i June 1865, and more generally, the emancipation of African American slaves throughout the Confederate South. Celebrated on June 19, the term is a pormonteau of June and nineteenth, and is recognized as a state holiday or special day of  observance in most states. 

During the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862, with an effective date of January 1, 1863. It declared all slaves to be freed in the Confederate States of America in rebellion, and not in Union hands (this excluded Tennessee, Virginia and lower Louisiana, which were occupied by the Union). As news of end of the war moved slowly, it did not reach Texas until May 1865, and the Army of the Trans-Mississippi did not surrender until June 2 –get it? The second day of SILENT DOLLRS, right? 

The holiday is observed primarily in local celebrations. Traditions include public readings of the Emancipation Proclamation, singing traditional songs such as "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and "Lift Every Voice and Sing", and readings by noted African-American writers such as Ralph Ellison and Maya Angelou. Celebrations may include parades, rodeos, street fairs, cookouts, family reunions, park parties, historical reenactments, and Miss Juneteenth contests.

As of 2013, the U.S. Senate passed Senate Resolution 175, acknowledging Lula Briggs Galloway (late president of the National Association of Juneteenth Lineage) who "successfully worked to bring national recognition to what is nationally & historically titled…”Juneteenth Independence Day”. 

By  2008, nearly half of US states observed the holiday as a ceremonial observance. As of May 2014, when the Maryland legislature approved official recognition of the holiday, 43 of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia have recognized Juneteenth as either, a state holiday or ceremonial holiday, a day of observance. So, that means that Juneenth was still not recognized as a NATIONAL HOLIDAY, only a state holiday. States that do not yet recognize it are Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah.

It is very cool that states approved recognition of the Holiday, but to this day, at least 60% of blacks have absolutely no idea of Juneteenth, let alone identifying it as Black Independence Day, and by in large, although juneteenth is recognized by the majority of states, for the most part is is largely celebrated iin about  3 states, Texas, New Orleans and Arkansas. If you ask 20 people in the streeets in most major cites, youll be luck to get 1% of that 20 to acknowledge that they know about  Juneteenth, let alone celebrate it, especially in the Northern states.      

Also, by following the protocol for establishing an Independent society, the freeing of slaves was not the result of a civil war, or a fighting back of slaves to the degree that blacks, let alone slaves won either a physical battle or revolt. More isolated geographically, Texas was not a battleground. Planters and other slaveholders had migrated into Texas from eastern states to escape the fighting, and many brought their slave property with them, increasing by the thousands the number of slaves in the state at the end of the Civil War. In rebellion to the emancipation, the underground slave trade was formed, which is a form of chattel slavery.

Also, lets not forget that Blacks were still, and still are Africans by genealogy, who were removed from their homeland and economically independent society (tribe), and were stripped of their authentic culture and identity including their original name and native tongue, to be reinvented in the face, lifestyle, and mentality of another culture and ethnic group- that being Caucasian / European, to be totally subservient and dependant –not Independent on this race for their survival, as long as they remained in this land. White America and our government are still perpetrating this concept and mindset to this very day! Let there be no doubt, as our liberties, civil rights, and programs that we fought so hard to achieve are being systematically taken away year by year, which equates to Blacks or the Black community remaining totally dependant on this European controlled society. 

If you want to go by the correct definition of Independence- in relation to an ethnic group or race, it is as follows… “Any ethnic group or culture with an established community that is economically independent of any other race or culture that sustains their society, community and culture through self produced commodities, businesses and institutions to build and sustain prosperity for its people, residing in a country, continent or nation”.

Oh and by the way, have you noticed that every ethnic group in this nation has either achieved and or is building on this definition of Independence except African Americans, primarily because… 1. By the design of this corrupt racially biased system and government, which systematically tore apart the black family, and simultaneously prevented any attempts of blacks to form our self-sufficient independent communities, and 2. Due to the lack of consciousness, complacency, self-destruction, and self-hatred to the point of not building productive institutions and starting and patronizing black owned businesses that will circulate our dollars through our community to employ each other.

These are the reasons why blacks are on the eonomic bottom.

Although Blacks were free to traverse about the Unite States as individuals, they were not independent by ANY stretch of the imagination. Even when slavery was abolished, there were many blacks that decided to remain with their white masters because they have been conditioned since birth to either look up to or rely on their masters for economic and personal security, as if they were their gods or parents. This mindset or mentality (passed down through generations by these enslaved forefathers) still exists today in many blacks across this nation.  

Slaves were only promised the compensation of 40 acres and a mule (known as reparations), but that never happened. After being freed, blacks still had to work for white Americans (for the most part), and were also being denied any liberties or resources to become economically independent, let alone form a totally self sufficient independent community. 

Yes, there were many attempts to form economically independent Black communities in states across the country since the abolishment of slavery, where we built our own textile industries and other commodities for commerce like in Tulsa, Okalahoma, but they were quickly obliterated by hating rebellious white society, probably orchestrated by the government as well, which threw us back to the dark ages, as Blacks still remained economically dependant, and mental-subservient slaves under this racially biased system, and in some cases, still are to this day, as many of these same hurtles and ideologies still exist in a different guise in white America, especially corporate America and the South. 

When slaves were freed, this opened the floodgates for open season on blacks becasue thery were no onger protected from the ownership of whites, slave masters or planation owners. Ther were no laws or legislations pertaining to jim Crow, so the rebelious whites angered from the abolishment became Black headhunters, body snatchers and illigitimate bounty men. Blacks had to dodge these individuals to avoid being killed, or captured to be sold to the underground slave marketwhich were entirely ignored by the government. Tah is why n=many blacks alog with the freed slaves migrated to the northern states, but many of these hunters followed them to re-capture them to take them back south to be sold to the underground slave camps. Many black still had to run away rom state like Texas to join the military to avoid these head hunters, and other anti-free-slave-rebels, only to  be treated like second class personlee in the militray. evnt in teh Military, they had to live in deplorable conditons where many of them died to infectious diseases.

Now, does this sound like being Independent to you? It surely dosen't to me!

Not only that, as states acknowledged Juneteenth Independence Day to be observed on June 19, demands for congress to make it a National Holiday to be honored by ALL STATES was greatly ignored. That’s is mainly because we asked, instead of taking & demanding!

The CIVIL WAR was not Blacks fighting against whites or the system; it was whites against whites with a certain number of blacks helping them, yet, they were still discriminated by separation and provided fewer and deplorable accommodations.


This is the day when Blacks stood still – or shall I be more politically correct- the day Blacks will stand still- as in not patronizing, supporting, and also, not working for all non-black owned businesses and institutions in a NATION WIDE, FULL PRESS ECONOMIC BOYCOTT known as SILENT DOLLARS.

Thias formual is a variation of the formula our oppressors used on us since slavery that stifles their mode of productivity. this Boycoptt- blacks sphoisticated and non-violent CIVIL WAR shall tak place on Monday, June 1st & 2nd of this year. june is the most vulnerableand strategic month i big business and corporate America. The massive strike will create a temporary economic collapse in the white economic base, equalling a loss between 1 and 3 trillion dolars nation wide.

The demonstration will begin on a Monday due to the fact that Monday sets the tone and flow for the entire workweek and is the most important and productive day of the workweek on average. Many important parcels, (shipped & received), business pitch team travel days, big meetings…etc, take place on Mondays. 

This day in commemoration will not have a pre-cursor title like Juneteenth, but the definitive title of BLACK INDEPENDENCE DAY. This definitive title is what gets people’s attention, and this title is something everybody has heard a million times in their lives every year, and can subconsciously identify with from the saturation of the July 4th hype / commercialization. 

The highlight of the boycott will be celebrated by cooking lavish meals and barbeques to be shared with family, friends and associates, basically the same spreads that almost 90% of blacks prepare and consume for holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, July 4th, Christmas and more, all of which has nothing to do with our authentic culture. Additional celebrations & ceremonies will include parades, concerts, festivals and other modes of commemoration that will be the staple of these two prolific days. The colors Red, Black & Green, (the colors implemented by Marcus Garvey), will adorn each home, with matching flags for all to proudly wave wherever they go. Unlike July 4th, BLACK INDEPENDENCE DAY is to be recognized and celebrated during the entire month of June that also ties in with honoring Juneteenth Independence Day. Each week will represent a different THEME representing the historical voyage of blacks since being bought here for slavery, and the progression of a societal structure for economic independence. This month long observation and ceremonies will also bring a strong resurgence in recognizing and commemorating Juneteenth, our consciousness, and other important observances in African American culture.

If you want to read up on these 4 weekly themes and the ceremonies connected with them, you can get them all by going to the silent dollars website at www.silentdollars.weebly.com  

In comparison, when you ask Black folks, especially our youth about Juneteenth, for the most part, they have no idea of it’s premise. Then, you have to take the time to explain to them what Jueteenth means as in explaining its origin and significance in our history, which is a good thing- for they should know this, but they have no sense of connection to this event, let alone any interest because it marks a time in our history that they either don’t want to know about or is angered at the origin, definition or premise. Yes, I know this is a bad thing- for every Black should know, or at least want to know and respect our history, especially to pass it on to their offspring and grandchildren. 

They also feel this has nothing to do with them since they are living in, and are part of the culture of living for the moment and taking action now. Ohhhh yes, I do realize and agree that NOW or TODAY is what’s up! The tactics and agendas of yesterday have changed and or evolved. Gentrification is not racial gentrification as it was during the 80’s & 90’s; it’s now about class economics, as it doesn’t mater what color you are as long as you have the money to live in these targeted areas. The proof can be seen in the Pilsen and Humboldt Park communities in Chicago, IL, where they were once predominately Hispanic, and now mostly Yuppies.

TODAY is our focus because the level of hatred, racism and discrimination is on the rise and blatantly demonstrated in the recent revoking (the stripping of the title) of the United States Little League Championship of the Jackie Robinson West Little league Baseball Team. This discriminatory act is a guise to diminish the accomplishments of blacks during Black history month, a vengeful quest pursued by Chris James, the Evergreen Park coach -- whose team was slaughtered by Jackie Robinson West in the regional playoffs, and, to deter and keep blacks from entering Major League Baseball. Fortunately, regardless of these efforts, Major League baseball will be monitoring these kids when they enter high school.

Now, on the other hand, when you mention BLACK INDEPENDENCE DAY to our youth and adults as well, many, if not most will say…”Hmmm, when is this?” or “What is SILENT DOLLARS?” or “When will this happen?” Their curiosity & interest level is automatically peaked, and they want more information and enlightenment, and the majority will listen to what you have to say. When you explain that we are creating this day by launching a 2 day, NATIONAL FULL PRESS ECONOMIC BOYCOTT that continues the movement started back in November of 2014, the majority is overwhelmingly in favor and is much more likely to participate. Remember, as I stated earlier, the play on words are very POWERFUL when introducing a concept or idea, and this can go a long, long way.  

Since there is no event in terms of a BLACK VS WHITE CIVIL WAR, and also because there has been no legislation to make Juneteenth a National Holiday where everyone in every state in this nation is granted the day off with pay in corporate America and big businesses, Juneteenth has never really resonated with black people as a whole, which is why there is no mass, nationwide interest. This is why our youth and adults alike have not jumped on the Juneteenth bandwagon.

Our youth are much more intelligent than you give them credit for. Many of them do not hang the streets shuffling and selling drugs, nor are complacent in trying to make a better life for themselves by working hard to be a productive part of the community and society.  Some of them are taught our history by their elders & mentors, and others read and study our history as well, and they’re conversant amongst their peers in passing & or sharing this information. Remember, they were the first to take to the streets in response to the results of the Michael Brown, Eric Garner and other cases, so let’s give them credit where credit is due. It is not their fault that we, their forefathers dropped the ball in being man enough to keep our neighborhoods from going to crap, or standing up against a system that has its foot our necks.  

For the first time in African American history, every Black in the United States and beyond has a chance to be a part of history, to participate in a Nation wide demonstration, and, as in every movement from the first marches in New York in the 20’s & 30’s, to the civil rights movement in the 60’s, to the recent marches, sit-ins and die-ins around the country, our youth will again be a large part of making new black history by continuing the movement by spreading the word and participating in SILENT DOLLARS and starting our NATIONALLY ACCLAIMED IDEPENDENCE DAY to be a part of something positive and worthwhile to make a change, and to say… “I helped bring justice for my people”, to say, “I was a part of creating our Independence Day”, to say, “We all came together to make our lives better, because our lives matter!” And last but not least, to say…  “WE WILL BREATHE!!!” 

A pushback from a certain segment of the Black empowerment, economics, historical, and conscious community reminds me of Republicans that vote against their own interest in congress or general elections. They are afraid of the sanctity of Juneteeth being lost (which it obviously will not be); so they are refusing to participate in -and-or support SILENT DOLLARS rather than joining us in bringing the changes in this nation to right the wrongs that are plagued on Black people, which will ultimately bring a halt to our extermination. Then there are the activists that are so HELL-BENT on their agendas, that they will not take the time to support this demonstration or to simply spread the word. And finally there are the haters and boulé-boot licking blacks that want things to stay the way they are for their own selfish reasons- I guess because they capitalize of the flaws and situations that plagues our community, or the fact that they hate the fact that they did not come up with this solid formula to bring a change in our community, and society as a whole.

This means that these individuals that I’m calling out are willing to shoot themselves in the foot to participate in the continuing legacy of this biased system, the unlawful treatment, gentrification and extermination of Black people. This also means these blacks are “PART OF THE PROBLEM, NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION”

Fortunately, as stated in the SILENT DOLLARS introduction & synopsis, major boycotts only needs about 10% - 15% of participants to make them successful, as proven by the Florida Protest, the Boycotts in Cincinnati, and others.



In November, studies from coalition members and constituents showed that due to the strategic formula and mass marketing, at the current rate of the momentum in spreading the word and galvanizing, SILENT DOLLARS will gain at least 20 to 50% of participants nationally, which is more than enough to greatly obtain the results outlined in the formula. This means that the changes and the advent of our official Independence Day are eminent! So I say to theses hating, Boot-licking, nay-saying, self-destructive, negative blacks… TO HELL WITH THEM!

But do not fear my beating-breaking heats! Remember that the plans for the annual month long observation and celebration of BLACK INDEPENDENCE DAY will simultaneously connect with Juneteenth, and will also introduce traditions to continue the resurgence of our consciousness and the fortification of our culture. 

Maybe if these NON SILENT DOLLARS Rebels, check their history, while seeing the significance of making new BLACK HISTORY, they will see that there is plenty of room to have more than one day of observance of our Independence, where we can tie in Juneteenth with the official observation of the anniversary of SILENT DOLLARS that will create the official BLACK INDEPENDENCE DAY, to make the entire month of June a month of celebrations and ceremonies as we unite for our future this year and every year! 

I made a parody of a boxing match in the title of this article to make a very poignant statement. When it comes to one vs. the other, it’s a TIE- HANDS DOWN! They are both the WINNERS! They will tie in together historically, as one links with the other to recognize and celebrate our transitions, progressions, and accomplishments.

If any black person is truly about our people, then everyone in question will spiritually follow this progression to connect everything from our past to present. And when these rebels and haters visit the website at www.silentdollars.weebly.com, they and anyone will see that silent dollars not only provides a failsafe formula for a peaceful demonstration, but also provides information on how to combat corporate America, build our economic base by providing information on how to start & maintain your business and business support, building our pride and consciousness and much more! Hopefully they will see that not only is SILENT DOLLARS reviving and preserving the traditions and observations of Juneteenth, Kwanza and other significant notes in black history and culture, but also continues to make new black history by establishing new traditions. 



































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