05 Aug The Work At Home ProfitFunnel system goes Live…

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Hi Folks,


Here is a quick review and up-date of the Work At Home ProfitFunnel System Manual - Launch date 15 August 2015


As stated, Creating high income work and business opportunities from home is the theme. Now available on Amazon.com “The Work At Home Instant Income ProfitFunnel System” manual covers many areas of affiliate and online marketing that a $2500 e-course will ever teach you. This manual which is written especially for online marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners, contains some of the most important steps that you will need to undertake to be successful as an online marketing.

Below is a sneak preview of some of the jobs and opportunities that you can create for yourself with the “Work At Home Instant Income ProfitFunnel System” located at http://tinyurl.com/pdz7wld. Again here are some of the jobs that you can create with The Work At Home Instant Income ProfitFunnel System.

  • Dropshipping - promote and sell many different types of products
  • Become an Affiliate Marketer - promote other peoples products
  • Promote Digital Products - on Clickbank, Plimus etc.
  • Become a Google Adwords Partner - drive targeted traffic to your website
  • Become an Amazon business Partner
  • Do Niche Marketing - find “Hot Niche” markets to promote
  • Private Labelling - create and sell your own “Hot Niche” products
  • Joining Surveys and Focus groups - a great source of extra income.                                        

Payne really wants people to succeed in their efforts to become financially secure. That is why he is offering such great bonuses. For a limited period of time for purchasers of the Work At Home Instant Income ProfitFunnel System manual, you will get some really great tools to help jump-start your business.

The Work At Home ProfitFunnel System manual is broken down into 5 parts or modules, below are the modules, what you will learn and what they contain…    

MODULE I - Building Your Business Is concerned with the start and build-up process of your business.

Chapter I  - What Is Affiliate Marketing? - Which explains the online marketing process.

Chapter II - Earning Affiliate Commission - Is about opening an Adwords and Clickbank account and keyword research.

 Chapter III - 10 Steps To Financial Freedom - Is about how to test your campaigns and a ral live test campaign in action.

MODULE II - Polishing your efforts -  Polishing your efforts with real money making secrets.

Chapter I  - Is concerned with:    

1-      Choosing your niche 

2-      Picking your product

3-      Tech talk 

4-      Using an Auto Responder

5-      Copywriting

6-      Driving Free Traffic

7-      Get Leads/Track Stats 

MODULE III -Private Labelling - Promote and sell your own products, or products from 3rd parties.

Chapter I- Private Labelling - Teaches you how to build a Successful $100.000 Amazon Business In Less Than 6 Months.

Chapter II - Running Your Amazon Business - Here you will learn the ins and outs of the Amazon marketplace.

Chapter III - Choosing Your Niche - What to consider when marketing products in any NICHE, and how to identify a profitable niche.

Chapter IV - Getting Products Ranked On Amazon- Learn how to successfully market products on Amazon.com or any portal

MODULE IV - Take Action - Driving traffic to your website and promotions.

Chapter I - Building Traffic Through Article Submission- Teaches you how to write articles and where to submit them.             

Chapter II - The Landing Page - One of the most important pages on your website- learn what information your landing page should have.

Chapter III - Find And Promote HOT Niches Markets - Teaches you the essential elements of a hot niche market and where they hang out...

MODULE V - Best Kept Money Making Secrets

Chapter I -The #Best Kept Instant Money Making Secrets - Reveals how to participate in Surveys and Focus groups and where to find them.  

Chapter II - Affiliate Tools Giveaway - Concerns Important tools that you need for your online work.

Chapter III - Create A Promotional Ad On Facebook - Teaches you how to create a Facebook AD.

so, that just about raps it up for now, just remember to be there to get your copy when the doors open on August 15, 2015.

Remember now!! This offer is Time Sensitive… and there are bonuses lined up for the first 99 customers who purchase The Work At Home PorfitFunnel System Manual.

Here’s how it works. If you order within the first 9 days after launce you will receive as bonus a voucher worth 30% off the price of the manual. You will also receive a free killer ProfitFunnel S.E.O. & ecommerce optimised mini website 2.0 as a surprise bonus for a quick start and launch of your business.

If you order within the first 9 hours you will receive as bonus the Profitfunnel mini website plus a voucher worth 50% off the price of the Work At Home ProfitFunnel System manual.

If you order after the 9 days are up, but still one of the 99 buyers, you will receive as bonus a voucher worth 10% off the price of the ProfitFunnel manual and the ProfitFunnel OBcard (online business card) which is a is a website in itself. You get tons of affiliate tips, tricks and techniques, and everybody wins… Just remember, this offer is for a limited time only, and after 30 days it will not be on the table again.

To sum things up I would like to say that The Work At Home ProfitFunnel System manual shows you exactly how to build and promote your business at minimal cost using the techniques and methods the super affiliates use.for more information check out this video.



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