13 Apr Update from Lady Charmaine Day

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To The Special Person Reading This E-mail:
Hello. I hope this e-mail finds you doing well and in good spirits. This year's Resurrection Holiday was wonderful for me. I hope yours was awesome as well.
Just a quick reminder from me on the communication mediums I use:
www.unlimitedhelp.com is the official website for my business Unlimited Help Inc. There you can see up to date pictures, and information about the Events I host each month as well as what areas of business I am currently focusing on.
www.taboo-talk.ning.com This is my social network called Taboo Talk Community. Under separate e-mail, I am sending out an invitation again to you to join. I hope you join me there. Membership is free. I give weekly spiritual consultations as well as post ALL pictures not seen on my website (what I use to paste on facebook), videos, music, etc. It is has everything needed by someone to be happy, prosperous, peaceful, joyful and happy. It is all there.
www.youtube.com. This is where I make available the TV shows that are currently running in Manhattan, The Bronx, Chicago and Indiana.
www.twitter.com/ladycharmaine. This is where I post my daily updates (this use to posted on facebook).Please follow me there for your daily updates.
http://www.meetup.com/unlimited-help-ministries. There you can RSVP to any of the events that I host on a monthly basis
(All of this is summed up on my official website:www.unlimitedhelp.com)

Until I see your beautiful face, which I hope will happen this Sunday, April 19, 2009 at Hue-man Bookstore & Cafe (2319 Frederick Douglas Blvd, between 124th and 125th, Harlem, New York), stay special. P.S. One thing I am proud to say, Marva Allen let Oprah know about the activities that happened at last month's Soul Soothing Sunday. On the cover of the new Oprah magazine is Oprah blowing bubbles with the quote "Need a lift? How to boost your spirits-even in these crazy times!" GOD IS SO AWESOME!!! TOUCH DOWN UNLIMITED HELP INC! : )
Remember you are priceless.
Stay blessed!
: )
Lady Charmaine Day
Pastor & Christian Consultant
Unlimited Help Incorporated
"Helping individuals transform their mind, body and spirit utilizing the principles of Jesus Christ"
Company Phone: 347-602-6234
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Lady Charmaine Day

Lady Charmaine Day grew up in Roosevelt (Long Island), New York. She was an A student throughout her school tenure. She was her senior class president, homecoming queen, yearbook editor and public school announcer. She graduated #3 in her class. Lady Day obtained her bachelors of science degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. While attending Cornell, she was a Cornell Tradition Fellow and inducted into the prestigious Quill and Dagger Senior Honor Society. Lady Charmaine obtained her master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. She served as a student senator while at Columbia, had an A average and was inducted into the prestigious Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Delta Kappa Honor Societies.

Lady Day is a seasoned business woman with over twenty years executive human resources and business consulting experience. During her tenure in corporate America, Lady Charmaine Day worked for Fortune 50 companies including Phillip Morris, FMC, Ingersoll-Rand, Nabisco, Porter Novelli, and Ketchum/Stromberg Consulting Division. She has worked for non-profit organizations including Lighthouse International, North General Hospital, New York Hospital and The Children's Television Workshop (Sesame Street).

Lady Charmaine Day is a pastor who is a leader cherished for her commitment to her community. Always funny and candid about herself and the world she helps to shape, in 2008 Lady Charmaine Day created an on-line ministry called Unlimited Help On-Line Ministry done through Lady Charmaine Day's website, app, and Taboo Talk internet radio show

Lady Charmaine Day also is an author and publisher of eight books: a Christian wisdom book called “Zero Mathematics: The Science of Today”, her autobiography entitled “Size 7 ½: Walk A Mile In My Shoes," her memoir called “One Step From Insanity: Actual Words From the Psych Ward," a book of wisdom called "Trinkette's Wisdom For Every Day Living", a book of self-help and sequel to her autobiography called "H.E.E.D. S.I.M.P.L.E." and co-authored with Brooklyn Mike aka Mike Troy, a book of Christian comedy/philosophy called "MINDF.U.C.C.," a self-help book called "Lady Day's Pearls Of Wisdom" and her latest book a business/self-help book called Cyber Hustle. In recognition of her book sales, March 2009, she was inducted into Barnes and Noble Hall of Fame.

Lady Charmaine is the host of “Taboo Talk” which she created and has been producing since May 2008. Taboo Talk is a live internet radio show on www.blogtalkradio.com/taboo-talk and Itunes.
From 2008-2010 Taboo Talk was a cable Television show that aired on Time Warner MNN in Manhattan and on BronxNet in the Bronx.

Lady Day has started her own line of clothing called G.I.R.S.H. (an alien nation with their pets). She also is a singer, writer and composer of music. In 2008 she released her first cd single called “The L.C.D. (the lowest common denominator).

January 15, 2009, she told the testimony of her life on Broadway at Terri William’s Open Book on Broadway to rave reviews. December 16, 2009, Lady Charmaine Day appeared on the Dr. Oz show that featured a panel of seven women who overcame their symptoms of depression. She was assigned to discuss weight gain as a warning sign of depression. In acknowledgment of Lady Day’s accomplishments, Cambridge’s selected her to be a 2008-2009 Who’s Who Among Executives and Entrepreneurs.

Lady Charmaine Day has been a mental health advocate since 1997. Since 2008, she has volunteered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness as a presenter and state wide trainer for their In Our Own Voice Program (NAMI IOOV). May 2011,in recognition of her significant contribution to their In Our Own Voice program, Lady Charmaine Day was inducted into the NAMI Hall of Fame. November 2015, Lady Charmaine Day was honored to receive the NAMI NYS 2015 Media Award for her outreach work regarding mental health.

Lady Charmaine Day is the consummate pastor who enjoys interacting with her audiences, therefore whenever she is providing a consultation or is in front of an audience you will be guaranteed that transformation will occur!

Website: www.ladycharmaineday.com