Self Evaluation

Torin Ellis
Torin Ellis
I’ve encountered those that advocate the notion that a business is not a thing but a process. To them, a healthy business is one in a state of constant, well planned, and well-managed evolution. Let’s look a moment at personal business. The Educational Testing Service released a report titled “America’s Perfect Storm – three forces changing our nations future.” With great detail, the discussed forces were 1) wide disparity of literacy and numeracy skills of our school aged and adult population, 2) seismic changes in our economy that effect wealth creation, and 3) sweeping demographic changes.

In addressing personal business, it is important that we conduct an extensive skill-building inventory that provides a clear image of the end results and a fairly detailed plan on how to get there. A review might focus on 1) your distinct capabilities or skills and how they are being applied, 2) your present business acumen and where it will take you, and 3) a thorough review of your mental game. If any one of these cylinders misfires you to could be on the verge of the perfect storm. Any doubts, just ask the 13, 000 automaker employees recently let go on Valentine’s Day.

Metaphorically the goal is to be the fisherman able to fish in better ponds with better equipment. In the words of the infinitely keen Dr. Cornell West, “it comes down to 1) how much do you care, 2) how deep is your courage and 3) what are you willing to sacrifice?” Do not be a rogue player against self. Honor the quest of being your best and helping others to be the same. On this Monday, it’s about personal business. . . let’s keep it moving!

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