Tone Deaf!

Torin Ellis
Torin Ellis
Also known as amusia, tune deafness, dysmelodia and dysmusia according to an entry found on Wikepedia. Tone deaf is having difficulty or being unable to correctly hear relative differences between notes. In MM speak, it's a person's inability to accurately distinguish differences or identify actions.

Stop right there. From a professional angle, our computers, cell phones, handhelds, and pda's are chock full of sheet music. We engage devices on everything from the content of our conversation, the researching of data and statistics to guiding our route on a sales call, to a sales call and within a sales call.

For some Wall Street painted a brutal [weak] - the closest they'd been to a coma. “We’re deep into Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole,” said a Princeton economist. One can ill afford to ignore the tone. Reading sheet music in the Times or the Post ,and being completely surprised, signals you are probably tone deaf. Let's keep it moving!