Torin Ellis
Torin Ellis
Here's how it usually works. The oft-used measurement of effectiveness is the amount of money generated or taken in. Perhaps an arguable measurement, but not today. Instead, let’s marry a thought to this position. What might happen if an increased amount of attention was given to a measurement other than money? For instance, the Obama team decided to focus on 1) the number of people donating to the campaign and 2) their depth of involvement within the campaign. His teams philosophy, shift in torque, signals a change in what campaigns are about. Q1 2007 results were amazing! Not just in millions raised, but in millions working for a greater cause.

Torque is a physics term that refers to a moment of force where matter and energy interact. In this context torque refers to the collision of what really matters and our direction of energy. For instance, most educators normally focus on digestible classroom instruction. Clarity matters, and so do parents. What would happen if the educator made personal phone calls to parents on a weekly basis? Perhaps an increase in attendance at PTA meetings, more interaction within the home, and/or an overall better GPA by their child. Shifting the torque to address exterior matters to continue achieving the desired result.

No matter the profession, a shift in torque could yield the same results recently enjoyed by Barack and his team. To really win, we must embrace the eversionary process. Intertwined in our thoughts are the solutions we require. Hidden they remain the very basic of activities. The activities often overlooked as a result of time, complacency, and recent results. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. -- Martin Luther King, Jr. Don’t value the dollars more than people or the bottom lines more than ideas. Next week I’ll attempt to tie together palindromes and business. It’s Monday. Let’s keep it moving!

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