Harry Reid and the Politics of Race

“A Reel Pundit’s View”
ReelUrbanNews.com sat down with nationally recognized political analyst, Dr. Earl Hutchinson, hours following the release of the insensitive remarks made by Democratic Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid in the newly published book, Game Change. Hutchinson believes Reid’s remarks are par for the course and not at all shocking. “Senator Harry Reid spoke much truth, an awful truth and a painful truth. The bottom line, there has always been two perceptions in America about African-Americans among the majority population. Reid was essentially saying that Barack Obama, based on color, based on class and based on demeanor was accepted.”

In addition to speaking with Dr. Hutchinson regarding Reid’s remarks, ReelUrbanNews.com requested that Hutchinson weigh in on the Black Caucus wanting President Obama to do more to get African Americans back to work across the nation. And finally, Hutchinson discussed the future of pro golf’s most recognized face and name, Tiger Woods, and his ability to make a comeback. “When you take a period of time off and you’re hit with so much pressure as Tiger, I don’t think we’re going to see the Tiger Woods we saw five years ago.” 

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