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All the credible evidence points to a need to face, and address global climate change.

Whether conservative or liberal, the reality is that the earth's ability to sustain its current population is threatened as the stores of fossil fuels we currently rely on are depleted.

Further, science indicates that the earth's climate will change in ways that will exacerbate the problems of earth's ability to maintain human populations (earth's "carrying capacity" for humans).

... and these impacts are already begun and will continue far into our foreseeable future.

Our current level of human culture and planetary population has been maintained only because man has tapped into millions years of stored solar energy (oil, gas and coal are in essence the stored solar energy of millions of years of forces) --- and no one can deny that each of these fuels is finite ... there is NOT an endless supply.

Because fossil fuels are finite, we must adapt to a new reality, whether we like it or not and whether we believe in 'global warming' or 'climate change' or not.

Adapting to the realities of a finite planet can be cataclysmic or we can make an effort to prepare ourselves and our global culture for the the inevitable changes.

BoldSpirit is about these changes ...

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