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Operation Rehab
Operation Rehab is not your typical consulting business. What makes us different is our streamlined...
R. Viney Consulting
At R. Viney Consulting, we provide cutting-edge, professional consultation in the following disciplines: Business Strategy,...
Path To Publishing
Category: Book Publisher
State: Nevada
Path To Publishing helps authors choose the right path to publishing, and stay on it!...
Flavor91 Burger Bistro
Category: Restaurants
State: Ohio
At Flavor91 we cook your delicious, fresh meals from scratch. Every ingredient is organic and...
Skarlet Beverage Company
State: California
The Skarlet Beverage Company brand features elegantly bottled, premium-positioned, beverages, each variety with its own...
Puroclean Certified Restoration Specialists
State: Ohio
We provide emergency property restoration services. So if you or someone you know have property...
Chari Farmer Ogogo
Category: Author
State: California
Chari is a first-time author who has dreamed of sharing her wealth of experiences with...
Youngblood Worldwide
Category: Jewelry
State: California
Youngblood Worldwide is the home of distinctive timepieces that will change your look and create...
The Booksmith
Category: Book Store
The Booksmith is an independently owned bookstore, coffee bar, and gift shop located in...
The 365 Calendar
Category: Calendars
State: Illinois
The 365 Calendar provides a four year calendar (2018 - 2021) and, a calendar of...

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  • Redacted Racism From The Executive Level | I'm Stronger Than Fear
    by Torin Ellis inBusiness Advice on2018-01-18

    This is a post that reminds recruiters and readers that often ask me “why do you focus on diversity” or say “haven’t we talked about diversity enough?”  A post for those who suggest  Affirmative Action, EEOC, D&I initiatives, and the various reports from Silicon Valley are enough.


  • What to the African American is the 4th of July?
    by Roger Madison Jr. inPolitical on2017-07-04

    What is the meaning of the 4th of July to Me?There is a rhetorical question, and there is a personal answer. It is easy for each of us to ask the rhetorical question. The conduct of our daily lives provides the personal answer. This question has been resonating among Black folks since Frederick Douglass famously asked in 1852, "What to the slave is the 4th of July?"


  • Building New Institutions
    by C Dwayne West inOur Community on2017-06-23

    Contributing Correspondent: C. Dwayne West A celebrated elder and civil rights icon recently asked me what I thought about Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. I responded with much flair but with also much well deserved respect. 'I think Rev. Jackson is a part of the old leadership model but his continued work is needed even though not much appreciated by those in my generation.' And I went on to explain why....


  • School Choice... Whose Choice?
    by Roger Madison Jr. inOur Community on2017-04-21

    The appeal is simple, but the massive funding of school choice by a cartel of wealthy patrons raises concerns about the real agenda of the advocates of school choice.


  • A Message To Friends, Family and Associates of New Entrepreneurs
    by Alfred A. Edmond Jr. inBusiness Advice on2017-04-03

    The situation most parallel to launching a business is the birth of a child, as both necessitate significant lifestyle changes for the “parents,” whether of a new-born baby or a new start-up.