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Lonez Scents
Category: Aromatic Candles
State: Texas
We are a candle company that makes 100% soy wax candles scented with natural oils....
Progressive Occupational Therapy Services, LLC
We provide Occupational Therapy Services to clients (Kids and adults) with development disabilities.
Kiny Diggit WoodWorks
Category: Home Decor
State: Georgia
Our manufacturing business (Kinya Diggit WoodWorks) manufactures gift items and furniture accessories for the home...
Prometheus Reborn Universal Foundation
We are Personal Development Coordinators.We teach the Trivalent Understanding Noetics (T.U.N.), which has been called,...
Epitome Tax & Insurance
Epitome Tax & Insurance is a full-service financial center that can help you manage the...
Genesis Print and Copy Service
State: Illinois
We print everything from a ticket to an outside banner. We will also help you...
Momentum AF
State: Illinois
Momentum AF is a black owned strategic marketing business. We create personalized strategies to help...
Pamela Gant, DDS
Category: Dentist
State: Ohio
A Healthy Smile Is Always In Style! Dr. Gant provides a friendly atmosphere and comfortable...
Mad Money Media
State: New York
We specialize in digital marketing, social media management, events, business development and much more. We...
State: Texas
We help large and small business, MLM, Home Based develop a communications strategy utilizing critical...

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  • What to the African American is the 4th of July?
    by Roger Madison Jr. inPolitical on2017-07-04

    What is the meaning of the 4th of July to Me?There is a rhetorical question, and there is a personal answer. It is easy for each of us to ask the rhetorical question. The conduct of our daily lives provides the personal answer. This question has been resonating among Black folks since Frederick Douglass famously asked in 1852, "What to the slave is the 4th of July?"


  • Building New Institutions
    by C Dwayne West inOur Community on2017-06-23

    Contributing Correspondent: C. Dwayne West A celebrated elder and civil rights icon recently asked me what I thought about Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. I responded with much flair but with also much well deserved respect. 'I think Rev. Jackson is a part of the old leadership model but his continued work is needed even though not much appreciated by those in my generation.' And I went on to explain why....


  • School Choice... Whose Choice?
    by Roger Madison Jr. inOur Community on2017-04-21

    The appeal is simple, but the massive funding of school choice by a cartel of wealthy patrons raises concerns about the real agenda of the advocates of school choice.


  • A Message To Friends, Family and Associates of New Entrepreneurs
    by Alfred A. Edmond Jr. inBusiness Advice on2017-04-03

    The situation most parallel to launching a business is the birth of a child, as both necessitate significant lifestyle changes for the “parents,” whether of a new-born baby or a new start-up.


  • The Families of Victims -- as seen through the eyes of the shooter
    by Eddie S. Read, Activist inOur Community on2017-02-20

    We must face the fact that we have an impoverished underclass in America.  It can be found in Appalachia, the barrios, rural areas, and for certain, in the urban inner city.  The violence is most egregious in the urban area because of the organized subculture that historically sustains various conditions of violence, i.e. the lifestyle of gangs.