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The Institute for Self Esteem & Evaluation (ISEE), Inc. coaches, trains and teaches the attitude, the awareness, the confidence and the courage to be successful.

At the root, is an unreasonable idea to eliminate the attitude of failure & mediocrity in urban-America.

Our unreasonable ideas are usually met with rejection, disbelief and resistance. The world of resistance to unreasonable ideas for America must be converted to a source of empowerment to think beyond the nine dots and to fuel the courage to leap forward against the odds.

Unreasonable thinking is the cornerstone that has established ISEE, Inc. as an institution that is willing to think beyond reason and moreover, commit to action consistent with sometimes-unpopular ideals.

Local governments, schools, corporations, businesses, organizations, families and individuals can transform and exponentially increase their results by fostering an environment of thinking beyond reason.

This visionary view of "how it can be," must become the adopted norm replacing the cemented in resistance that supports "how it is."

The Institute for Self Esteem & Evaluation (ISEE), Inc. is outside the box in wanting to enroll America into something much bigger and often quite different from itself.

The American culture must become more positive, fluid and well beyond its sometimes-negative constraints.


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