Significant! From Frustrated to Franne-tastic

In her new book Significant! From Frustrated to Franne-tastic, author, serial entrepreneur and Lean In facilitator Franne McNeal, MBA uses the power of storytelling to help women know themselves, connect with their personal power, take control of their lives, and turn obstacles into options. With well-known fables, stories from her own life, sharp insights, and workbook-style questions, Franne McNeal teaches women to "Step Up to Significance" by increasing by increasing their commitment to get going, embrace opportunity, find support, accept love and be significant! 

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Says McNeal: "In this transitioning economy, women face increasingly demanding lives, and women of all ages feel as if career success and a balanced, happy life are in perpetual conflict! I wrote my book with all women in mind -- students, kitchen-table entrepreneurs, and corporate executives -- to offer women a do-it-yourself, practical path to living life in a more purposeful, creative and successful way." Significant!uses McNeal's inspirational life stories (including being a stroke and cancer survivor) as a starting point for discussion questions that inspire self-inquiry and peer group discussion. 

Franne McNeal earned a BA from Princeton University, an MBA from Eastern University, and she was named a "Woman of Influence" by the Philadelphia NAACP in 2008. Franne McNeal is a Philadelphia, PA area resident.

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