A Culture of Mediocrity!

Torin Ellis
Torin Ellis
Comatose...No. But close. Far too many folks are squeaking by through personal efforts enjoying the results of others labor. Quality is wished for but mediocrity is accepted if it passes the dollar generator or WIIFM phrase some seem to love. Don't believe me; look at the last 10 people recently hired. How many are suspects that made it past the HR lineup and have gone on to commit administrative, educational, financial, performance, policy related, or structural crimes that forced you to work twice as hard?

It is widely accepted by employers and employees that longevity and tenure are things of the past. Bob Barker, host of the Price is Right, is retiring after 35 years of dedicated service. He remained, in part, because the show embraced change and innovation, remained contestant centered, and created a culture of involvement amongst a diverse staff of employees. In a recent interview, Mr. Barker says America has definitely changed. He says, "We are almost willing to accept anything."

Does your business, classroom, department, office, staff, or team subscribe to the "accept anything" policy? If so, how do you address it? For starters I would rapidly gather, assimilate and communicate relevant information and advice to all parties about where the business is and where it needs to go. If "accept anything" actions are present, they must be called out and curtailed. There is no shortage of success or money but there is a shortage of dedication.

35 years like Mr. Barker is not impossible or a bad thing. Everybody at every level must decide they are in the right field and position. Through individual elevation and ownership the battles from last week become much easier to fight. Why wait? The income gap continues to grow between the needy, greedy, and those caught in between. Your future years depend on you. It's Monday. Wake up. Let's keep it moving.

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