A JOB doesn't mean Just Over Broke

Image"One of the most annoying things I hear from speakers and writers who talk about careers or enterprise is  when they state that a job means just over broke. It is a tired and worn out cliche. For those who continue to use it, park it, try and find a new song to sing.  The old one is annoying." 

David McQueen is an international speaker, awards host, facilitator and TV presenter who works with some of the top companies in the private sector. He enjoys speaking to and empowering audiences all over the world with strategies on how better to communicate within and outside of the work place.


He offers a perspective on work and career that is a realistic alternative to those who decry the pursuit of a career.


Here is what David has to say about the considerations of working people.



Imagine if as an entrepreneur you have employees. People who will get up each day and under your leadership work with you to realize your vision. They bring their skills to compliment to your vision. Could you imagine someone referring to those who work with you as just over broke? Firstly, it is an insult to those who do not have entrepreneurial leanings. Secondly, it implies that they are not being paid enough. Thirdly, what about those people who earn six figure salaries or more?  Even the CEO's of Fortune 500 companies who are paid millions are employees.


For many people who have spent time (and money) learning their craft and bringing their expertise up to a high level, a job should be a demonstration that you can put that learning into practice.  It is, or at least should be, one of the ways that you are able to apply your skills and talents and get paid for it.


When I coach my clients around career choices and satisfaction I tell them that think of it as one area of wellbeing and fullfillment. We operate on many levels including spiritual (morals, values, beliefs), intellectual, emotional, social, etc. -- and they all influence each other. Our work does affect our relationships with family, our health and our financial well-being, and vice versa.  So if one area is out of kilter then it does need addressing in some way or the other. So let's come back to this issue about being broke.


Being Broke
To be fair a lot of people use this just over broke statement to suggest that the main issue with a job is about money.


If you earn six figures, I am sure most people assume that you are financially set. However, we have read countless stories of people who have been on huge salaries who live month to month and not managed their money properly. That said, on the flip side there are people who I know have earned under $100,000 and live within their means and are debt free. If we want to address being broke, let's do that. But it is a totally different issue altogether. To lump it in with the definition of a job is both boring and cliche.


What if... the job or career you take is not bringing in enough money?

I think it is important to explore other means of income or revisiting the career path. This is not as cut and dry as it seems, but it is important that those who are working do look at the options. With clients I have explored having a variety of work (portfolio career), consulting in your spare time, starting your own business, and even looking at earning passive income online. Of course, there is no quick fix to this, but we work through various options to address any shortfalls.


So take heart. Those who are looking for and creating new opportunities in these tough times keep pressing on and when you who keep hearing those speakers/gurus/coaches/thought leaders who say that a job means just over broke take it with a pinch of salt. Better still don't take it at all. -- David McQueen

Roger Madison, CEO
iZania, LLC