Business Results...Working effectively at home

Franne McNeal
Franne McNeal
Having a home office can be a great way to save money, keep your costs down and provide better service to your clients. No more corporate America office or cubicle? Are you working out of your home and car in an effort to manage costs and run your business? Do you have the home computer, phone, fax and printer, but you still don’t feel like are really in business since your office is in your home?

Tip #1: The IRS wants it and you need it, a separate area for the business
Dedicate a room or part of the basement to the business. This will support the IRS home office income tax deduction options.

Create an entry and exit, so that everyone knows that when the door is closed, you are in your office and should not be disturbed. That way everyone can feel that the home is still a home.

Tip #2: Work on a schedule
Create a schedule by starting and stopping work the same time every day. Dress for work so you feel like you are at work. This way you can minimize interruptions and distractions. Separate free time from your work time, even though it may be tempting to sleep late or watch daytime TV.

Tip #3: Do at least one significant task each day when you are at your best
Focus on the important tasks from your business plan, not just your to-do list. Work on your critical tasks when you are at your best and most productive.

Tip #4: Support your best self
It is easy to become discouraged and/or negative. Make sure you maintain a realistic positive outlook and reenergizing yourself.

Make sure that you don’t isolate yourself. Talk to people everyday. Surround yourself (even if it is virtually) with a people who care about you and your success.

Go for it! Having a space and equipment doesn’t make a home office. You have to work effectively and efficiently in your home office so that your business grows. Set yourself up for success, with a work process that supports you doing what you need to do.

  • Franne McNeal is the Significant Business Results Coach for HR Energy,, a business coaching firm that helps entrepreneurs get more clients, revenues and profits. She has coached over 450 entrepreneurs and helped a startup win $20,000. 83% of her clients gained 2 new clients within 2 months of coaching. 64% of her clients increased their profits by 10% or more in 1 year. She is a regional and national business plan competition judge. She is a serial entrepreneur and the author and keynote speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship, leadership and technology. Franne provides a free business assessment and 30-minute coaching at