Economic Initiative -- Refer 10,000 Black-owned Businesses

ImageAs an advocate for Black Economic Empowerment, I wondered what would happen if 10,000 African Americans began to refer Black-owned businesses to their neighbors and friends. I want to explore that idea, and invite you to join me in a self- help challenge to stimulate economic empowerment in the Black community.

If we identify and refer 10,000 high quality Black- owned businesses, we will create an economic empowerment spike to strengthen the Black community.

There are 2700 Black-owned businesses in the iZania Black-owned Business Directory. Will you help us get to 10,000 and refer your favorite Black-owned business? Join us at Facebook to identify the very best Black-owned businesses.

Economic Empowerment Strategies For Black-Owned Businesses

The iZania online community is devoted to supporting successful Black-owned businesses with FREE LISTINGS in the iZania Business Directory and cost effective advertising to a targeted audience of Black professionals and consumers. The result is accelerated exposure, and greater choice for potential clients of Black businesses. REFER YOUR FAVORITE BLACK-OWNED BUSINESS TODAY.

OPTION ONE: Go to the iZania Black Business Network Facebook Page and post your referral. We will add it to our directory and update you on our progress.
OPTION TWO: Suggest iZania Black Business Network to your Facebook friends, and ask them to share their referrals.
OPTION THREE: Follow us on Twitter. Use the hashtag "#BlackBusinessReferral" -- and post your referral on Twitter.

More than networking...We're making the 'NET WORK FOR YOU!