MondayMover -- Play YOUR Position

Torin Ellis
Torin Ellis
Are you ready for some football? Sordid fans are hyped and willing to wage everything from promises to portions of their mortgage hoping their team will reign Super Bowl Champion. Meanwhile, players are pushing past the pain of practice and preparation by studying game tape, diagrams and drill charts during this pre-season. Familiar routine.

Despite such repetitiveness, they MUST first know their role and then learn the roles of others! Whether you view the game on the widely popular HDTV, large screen projector, or portable mini, at times the field (your screen) seems chaotic. Rarely that. These professionals know how to play their position.

They know because they've said NO to professional distractions since high school. I encourage you to get into position. Consider asking HR for a copy of your job description. Make a list of critical items and recent enhancements. Make another list of "stuff you do." See the difference?

The strategy is to determine how you better your best and surrender the false focus of being active. To say no without regret is tantamount to progress and professional. Stop playing the wrong game and play for keeps. Coaches and Owners even struggle with keeping players that do win. Remember that as you maintain your space on the roster - - Let's keep it moving!

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