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Think Strategy -- Create Your Headlines

ImageHeadlines are important.  Nothing more than an assembled string of words used as attention getting statements.  No matter the profession, it is necessary for you to create headlines.  In your emails, power points, sales calls or seminars, you will find that better headlines will often equal better bottom lines.  The ask, whatever it is, will be more compelling and garner more results. 

Think Strategy -- Tumbleweeds

ImageThe persona of tumbleweed.  Tossed about for a season...appearing to be without direction...desiccate.  No apparent cause.  The effect, a series of unintended consequences and it still ain't over.  Progress...sometimes not so obvious.  Dust clears...a worthy adversary to mediocrity...stands.  The story of our careers.  Right?

Think Strategy -- Who's Your Caddy?

ImageIt's apparent you didn't see that sand trap. In golf, the Caddy does more than carry the player's bag. The Caddy is knowledgeable of the game's rules down to the number of clubs allowed in the players bag. They know how to play. All Caddies are rated, many are trusted, and several enjoy compensation that many have only imagined. With a Caddy "not knowing" is rare. Hit a sand trap... it's most likely the player's fault.

Think Strategy -- Clarity

ImageAs Jack Canfield says in his book The Success Principles, "Clarity equals power and more clarity equals more power." The results diagram should bring about much more clarity. One thing I failed to mention is that if you prefer to add or modify a few of the steps – do so. Just make sure you are consistent in using your diagram for a minimum of three months or one business quarter before making any drastic changes. Ok – about this clarity.

Think Strategy -- Standard Operating Procedure

ImageYou are one stupid SOP!  Not already.  Tell me he's not starting the year off with a potty mouth.  SOP (standard operating procedure).  Say you're sorry.  Last week's MM looked at manufacturing and we decided...okay, maybe I decided... that this was a critical year.  Unfortunately someone is going to lose stride early on in this 252 day race.  252?  The number of productivity days in 2008 – with thirteen or so already gone.  Count 'em!

Think Strategy -- Take Action

ImageManufacturing is at a crossroads.  Adapted from a forthcoming book Make or Break: The Future of Manufacturing, the authors say "there have never been better prospects for the makers of products than right now."  Not convinced?  Amidst mountains of bad press a government newspaper in China printed that China's economy is expected to expand by more than 11 percent in 2008; the highest since 1995 (12/21/2007).  How about now?!?!

Transferable Prosperity

Image"I pray that the will of God and the destiny for your life run you down and overtake you in 2008."
Powerful words from my oldest sister.  My team and I wish happiness, joy, and great health as a covering for you and your family.  I hope that such becomes the concoction for transferable prosperity in the years to come.  I'm excited and quite ready to deliver another year of riveting thought on Monday mornings.

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