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Is Being Just as Good, Good Enough?

ImageI’ve been thinking.  Is being just as good as your competitor good enough to succeed in business? The world of minority business has evolved over the years. It used to be that “just as good” was more than enough.

THE BARON INSIGHT (Broke Millionaires: Why even high-wage earners struggle financially)

There are now over one-million people facing foreclosure in the U.S. including millionaire celebrities such as Ed McMahon and Evander Holyfield.

Many people believe that not making enough money is the reason for their financial problems. Yet of even high-wage earners, those earning over $100,000 a year, nearly 20% live paycheck-to-paycheck and 30% save less $250 a month.
Furthermore, of those workers earning over $100,000 a year, 18% could only continue their lifestyle for a month or less if they lost their income.

Think Strategy -- WOM Matters! And you say... "what?"

Image I’m not making this up - WOM matters. Word of mouth has always been critical. Even more so now. Just a few years ago, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) was formed. Naturally the group has a focus and so does this piece. Allow me to flip it.

The angle that is most important in how you flex your presence is in what others say about you. (WOM)! Some folks can walk into a room and command the attention of others. Don’t believe me, ask Marion Pines. Some have to work at it.

THE BARON INSIGHT (Easily Prepare Yourself to Profit. Yes, Even in a Recession!)

ImageAs difficult as things may seem, you don't have to be a victim in this environment. There are many ways to profit in a recession. Historic opportunities now exist in real estate, the financial markets and business economy. No matter if you are a novice or sophisticated investor, you will find huge opportunities to profit which have not been seen in over 50 years.

THE BARON INSIGHT (40% of Americans Will Not Have Enough for Retirement -- Are You one of Them?)

ImageAt least 1-in-5 Americans has no assets or a negative net worth and as many as 40% will not have enough for retirement. That's right, they will not have 60% of their pre-retirement income. In today's environment with rapidly rising costs, most people find it difficult to live on 100% of their income, much less survive with a 40% pay cut.