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7 Hot Sellers in a Cold Economy

ImageI know, I know. The news is everywhere and it's hard to escape. You don't need CNN to tell you that the U.S. economy sucks. Oftentimes, small business owners are the first to feel the pinch.

But let me tell you something. The real enemy isn't Wall Street, the banks, the government, or any particular presidential candidate. The real enemy of your business is FEAR.

MondayMover -- Wrapped Tight!

ImageWrapped tight. In the world of professional employment/entrepreneurship, how much in terms of collateral (loosely defined) must you deposit in order to cover the risk associated with your role? The answer might surprise you.

Tone Deaf!

Tone DeafAlso known as amusia, tune deafness, dysmelodia and dysmusia according to an entry found on Wikepedia. Tone deaf is having difficulty or being unable to correctly hear relative differences between notes. In MM speak, it's a person's inability to accurately distinguish differences or identify actions.

MondayMover -- Play YOUR Position

FootballAre you ready for some football? Sordid fans are hyped and willing to wage everything from promises to portions of their mortgage hoping their team will reign Super Bowl Champion. Meanwhile, players are pushing past the pain of practice and preparation by studying game tape, diagrams and drill charts during this pre-season. Familiar routine.

Knock Knock ... who's gonna answer?

Knock KnockThere exists a soft knock that is at times hard to answer. It rests within - untouchable - shielded from the critical view of others. At times most indescribable - at least it appears that way. Most often the exact opposite. Knock!

THE BARON INSIGHT (Best Places for Your Cash)

William PattersonWith inflation at a 17-year high, it is important to keep the cash you will need short-term in liquid, guaranteed or very safe investments that pay the highest yields. Here are five great money making options for the smartest BARON savers: