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Economic Initiative -- Refer 10,000 Black-owned Businesses

ImageAs an advocate for Black Economic Empowerment, I wondered what would happen if 10,000 African Americans began to refer Black-owned businesses to their neighbors and friends. I want to explore that idea, and invite you to join me in a self- help challenge to stimulate economic empowerment in the Black community.

Our Focus Is Out of Balance: And the Result Is Weighing Us Down

ImageOn the scale of what we have and what we don’t have, what we don’t have seems to weigh more heavily. Whether it’s money or time to go to college or number of bedrooms in the house or opportunities to do business or financing to get a business going, the list of those things lacking just seems longer.

The New Reality for Diverse Suppliers

ImageI’ve been thinking. If you’ve been thinking it’s more difficult to get real attention from a major organization, you’re not crazy. It’s  true. There is a new reality. There are new rules, new expectations and they all demand a new approach for suppliers. The change is not isolated to diverse suppliers yet the impact on diverse suppliers could be more significant. Diverse suppliers are more likely to be new suppliers, smaller and with fewer resources. It is even more important to understand the new environment for how suppliers are selected, the implications of the changes and the key strategies to compete and win.