Popularity or Progress

Torin Ellis
Torin Ellis
Every Monday you enter this sanctuary of thought allowing me to enter your sanctuary of thought hoping, sometimes searching, to read about a remedy around a particular issue you may be experiencing. As an unbuttoned urban Dr. Phil, I will continue writing to your thoughts. Thanks for being a part of the Monday Mover network. Next week, I'll tackle a concept shared by a young poet in Baltimore - C. Vincent.

I was recently asked this question: When taking over a brand new team, which is most important popularity or progress? I smiled. The term popularity during the 15th century started out as a word that meant least, low, vulgar, and/or of the common people. It took on a new meaning in the late eighteenth century by which time it began to gain a positive connotation. Another example of man manipulating change.

The difference is that progress has always meant what it means today. To be clear, I'm not some degree toting factanista that needs to be addressed by title. I'm just ripe with common sense. The way I see it, progress combines an appreciation for the positive impacts of your actions and thoughts with the emotional response of the participants involved. Progress results in doors being opened. More frequently.

Make no mistake; popularity is not at all bad. Just know that as employees, entrepreneurs, Royal Ambassadors, and Triple Diamond Black Pearls, you are better pursuing two parts progress and one part popularity. Don't be fooled by the hundreds of friends on your MY SPACE page. That certainly is not a reliable measurement of success for you or your business. It's Monday - seek progress - let's keep it moving!

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