Powerful Conversations

Torin Ellis
Self development doesn't have to be a screaming match between you and, well, you.  In the marketplace of business thought, there are a number of concepts one can refer to when polling for winning strategies.  Some experts define you by animal characteristics or colors.  Others have suggested meditation or unlocking THE SECRET as the ultimate answer.  In my humble approach, I focus in an unbuttoned urban manner on leveraging digestible thought.  For two reasons: 1) I’ve found it easier to grasp control of oneself and 2) I’m not that smart.  It takes creativity and research to conjure up some of those solid ideologies. 

You’ve read my thoughts on how extremely important you are to your company.  I stand firm on that!  Now whether they value you in the same manner is all together different.  Which brings me to this weeks point - conducting an interview.  Over the next three weeks, I am going to tackle the subject of interviewing like I’ve never done in this space before.  I’m doing so because at this the midpoint of the year, there are 1) employees not happy with their compensation, productivity, and/or recognition and 2) employers not happy with compensating you, your productivity and/or conjuring up reasons to recognize you.  That’s the truth!

Consider this quote by Judith E. Glasner, “An organization's ability to get to its next level of greatness is determined by the climate of the culture, which is determined by the quality of the relationships, which is determined by the quality of the conversations.  Everything happens through conversations.” Make sure you plus five others are subscribed to Monday Mover.  The next three weeks are going to be interesting.  It’s Monday - mind is racing – let’s keep it moving!

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