Powerful Conversations: Interviewing - Part 1 of 3

Torin Ellis
Torin Ellis
Star candidates bring a spoon when others bring a shovel to the task of preparing for an interview. Kevin Hall, an Account Executive w/ Data Point Inc. , will tell you this is why we win! Star candidates reach beyond reviewing the standard about, services, and press release pages. Their focus extends into areas often ignored as one prepares for their interview. Star candidates first focus on uncovering the organizational culture, areas of expansion, and key challenges facing their new employer or client. To know thy competition is to further strengthen the conversation.

To gain this depth of information and build momentum towards a phenomenal interview, they visit websites like Business.com, First Research, Hoovers, Jigsaw, and perhaps Linked In. Star candidates can expect to spend 60% of their time researching information and pouring over unbiased data. Secondly, without trepidation, they spend 20% of their efforts actually talking with current and/or past employees. No surprises here, this is how real players ferret out the unspoken/written around the culture.

Finally, star candidates understand compensation and DO NOT inquire about such during the interview process. Ever. Earnings potential can be obtained from websites like salary.com, wetfeet.com or vault.com. Furthermore, star candidates attract the conversation around compensation. Always. One final pre-interview tip; $10,000 is the magic number. Stars know that anything less than that generally does not sway a decision to accept or reject an interview. Got questions... email or call. Join me next week as I cover part 2/3 - the interview from the candidates’ perspective. It’s Monday - dig in - let’s keep it moving!

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