Surviving Pass Over

Torin Ellis
Torin Ellis
If I were a poet, I would have crafted a slick and instructive metaphor placing you in the value chain of contribution and preparedness. Instead, just enter this reading from the angle of being at the top of your game seeking the next challenge.

Somehow the promotion went to someone you trained or the contract for the gift shop in the brand new hotel went to another firm. Ask [yourself] me the question. What happens if I am wrapped in unwavering volition yet paralyzed by outside influences? My response: One of the hardest periods in a person's professional career is to be denied access and elevation when clearly they are deserved. The rejection is painfully mental; sometimes catastrophic forcing some to curl up in corners, on floors, weeping with dismay.

Truth is, a part of your character will be created through your decision to move on. But you have to make that decision. Setbacks require a critical injection of confidence and an elevated level of visibility to move beyond these artificial boundaries set by others. In the face of set back migration is not recommended. You must stay in the open to let others see you for who you have been and are. Dig into your repository of best practices, mitigate distractions and return an even greater result. Stay until the job is done - better. It is at that moment you are able to avenge the lost opportunity.

You are the metaphoric kitchen and at some point, the other party will appear to be nourished. How do I know? MCI 1998. It's Monday - still cooking - let's keep it moving!

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