Work-Life Balance

Torin Ellis
Torin Ellis
Some would say imbalance is part of the human condition. In a competitive business environment -- which is to say, every business environment — business building results require commitment, passion, and, (to be blunt) a lot of time. For many the subject of work life balance creates a blistering conversation rarely won by either side.

Here’s how one successful entrepreneur put it: John Wood, founder of Room to Read, says, "I don't look at balance as an ideal. What I look at is, Am I happy? If the answer is yes, then everything else is inconsequential. If you look at the number of hours I work, it's probably extreme. But those hours talking with an adviser over dinner -- is that work? Well, yeah, but it's also stimulating.” as recorded in an interview w/Fast Company magazine.

...catch up. For many the decisions to work less or more is not that simple. One should determine what they want in a lifestyle and create a plan that supports that personal mission. Keep in mind there are several factors that will impact the results (timing, market conditions, career choice, demand, skill set, etc.). I’m not suggesting you succumb to a 60hr work week. I am suggesting that just beyond the pain and sacrifice often unfolds and even greater result than initially imagined. Give thought to what you are willing to do to create a better you. They say the largest investment we will ever make is in our home. I say the largest will be in you. It’s Monday...decide...just keep it moving!

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