MondayMover -- Emotions

As the orange light intermittently blinked, I hurried to the phone because I knew it was Nadya.  She had just arrived in Florida with her brothers, my mother, and about seven assorted and tired relatives.  I call them all cousins...just easier...I’ll clean it up later.  She was so excited as she described the train ride from DC to Miami leaving out no details.  Forty five seconds later she was crying non-stop on the phone with her mother!  She missed her.  What had I missed I wondered?

Thanks To The U.S. Supreme Court: "Separate But (Un)Equal" Is Legal Again In Public Schools

Anthony Samad
Anthony Samad
The United States Supreme Court ruled last week that public education officials may not use race to achieve integration in public schools. Yes, you heard it right. After 52 years, the high Court reversed itself on the venerable case of Brown v. Board of Education, five separate cases consolidated under one oral argument—then called “the Segregation cases.”

The Tavis Smiley Presidential Forum: "Showtime At The Apollo!"

Black Agenda Report
Tavis Smiley's presidential forum, before a black audience, with questions by black journalists, focusing on the issues ignored or bypassed in the mainstream media, but vitally important to the African America community, was billed as a historic occasion. But what we got was something else --- a game show format, driven by shallow sound bytes, all of it summed up for us by the same Republican pollster who gave us the "Contract For America" and the "death tax." Tavis Smiley's presidential forum shows what we get when we confuse black celebrity with black leadership, and marketing with journalism.

Eye on the Prize

Monday Mover
Sometimes a familiar story, with a twist, better makes the point. As five-year-old Sydnie entered the post office, she wanted to know why so many pictures of people were hanging on the wall. Her father responded, “Those are very bad people that the police want to find and catch immediately.” Puzzled, she glanced once again at the more than 30 images and tugged on her father’s shirt. Looking up to her father she said...give me 45 seconds and I’ll finish Sydnie’s statement.

The Basic Six of Online Marketing

Sherese Duncan
Sherese Duncan
As small business owners, we have many options for communicating with our prospective customers. The Internet has become the primary medium for reaching potential clients anywhere across the globe. Online marketing is the use of the Internet to advertise and sell goods and services. Below are Six Basic areas of Online Marketing to start with.

AFRICAN ANCESTRY: Reconstructing a Bridge to the Past

Gina Paige
Gina Paige
"Tracing ancestry through DNA can lead us to some insight about our potential ancestors and potential places of ancestry. For untold numbers of people, knowing that is a lot better than knowing nothing."

There Is No Village to Raise Black Children

Phillip Jackson
Phillip Jackson
“It takes a village to raise a child!” is an old African proverb that hundreds of millions of people have heard or used over the past years and that many people believe. But today in the Black community, that proverb has little relevance or importance.

Black America and The Internet
The African-American web surfer has become a hot target for web developers and the business industry, as more web-based programs are being created with Black users in mind. Black households also continue to spend more than Hispanics, Asians or other minority households in almost every consumer product category. With this trend, many people are taking their money and their time, to the world wide web.