I Am One Of The Million

ImageWHAT IF... We succeed in recruiting One Million or more black people to the OMCBV&C (One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors)? What possibilities would this open up for us? Become a part of the movement at www.iamoneofthemillion.com .

The Planks Below are what each and every one of us in the "One Million Conscious Black Voters & Contributors" are fighting for with all of our might!  
We are not looking for more "look how much they hate us" messages, emails, weeping & gnashing of teeth, etc.  We are looking for the best & brightest of our people to cooperatively submit themselves to the work.  In other words, we know there are 2 out of 100 of us CASRs in the U.S. who have the vision, positive attitude, and the will to put our needs first and see a plan through that is designed to put us first!
Are you...one of the million?

1. No Party Affiliation (NPA) Campaign 
Those who would join the OMCBV&C Campaign would be required to register to vote as not having any political party affiliation whatsoever. In many if not most jurisdictions this would mean registering as "No Party Affiliation" (NPA), or whatever is its equivalent in a particular state or other subdivision of government. Do not register as "independent" because in some jurisdictions, 'independent' may itself be an official political party. The objective here is to assure that OMCBV&C participants' loyalties are to the collective black community, and not to some externally controlled partisan political party committed to the maintenance of white supremacy and racism.
2. Student Loan Debt Forgiveness 
Insofar as both the current and previous federal administrations saw fit to "bail-out" 'Wall Street' and certain major corporations after their own sleazy practices had brought them to the brink of failure, and American taxpayers were compelled to pick up the resulting 'tab' in the trillions of dollars because those who controlled the government declared the subject companies were "too big to be allowed to fail," it would be just and fair for the government to extend the same type and level of courtesy to the public that pays the taxes that support the government's "too big to fail" friends. Therefore, we of the OMCBV&C Campaign call upon the U.S. Government to "bail-out" all American citizens who still owe any balance on student loans for education. This would give taxpaying citizens the same "fresh start" unencumbered by debt that was accorded Wall Street and major corporations during the 2007-08 financial debacle. Toward these ends, we support the "Campaign for America's Future" in its efforts to bring about the abolition of all student loan debt in America.
3. Misconduct Insurance for all Law Enforcement Officers 
All "sworn" law enforcement officers and their administrative superiors should be required at their own expense, or with assistance from their unions, to purchase and maintain in effect, misconduct insurance, similar to "malpractice insurance" that is required of doctors and other medical professionals, so that they are held financially accountable to whomever they wrongfully harm in violation of rights assured by the U.S. Constitution, or financially accountable to family members of anyone they murder without due process of U.S. Constitutional provisions. 
4. Class-Action Lawsuit Against Anti-Constitution States 
OMCBV&C and our collaborators will file a Class-action lawsuit against all states in the union that have passed laws granting law enforcement officers legal authority to murder U.S. citizens without due process as guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States A variation on this theme which we heartily support is the "groundbreaking legislation to help stop police killings" proposed and being drafted by the organizations ONUS, Inc. and Black Communities United for Progress. The proposed legislation is titled: "Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act" (URLEIA), and is posted on the web site: www.changeisonus.org .
5. Unlawful Stop Recording Movement 
Many involved in the "Black Lives Matter" protest movement advocate that in addition to the use of "dash-cams" in police vehicles, law enforcement officers should be required to wear devices on their uniforms to record encounters with citizens. The OMCBV&C contends that having police control the recording of their confrontations with citizens is bad policy. Police cannot be trusted to decide whether or not an incident they have with a citizen should be recorded. We oppose police having the authority to deny citizens' the right to use devices of their own, be they cellular phones or otherwise, thereby interfering with objective recording of deadly encounters, the number of which are escalating at an alarming rate. We urge citizens to familiarize themselves with the web site www.unlawfulstop.com to view a variety of wearable devices soon to be made available to the public. 
6. Community Control of Police 
OMCBV&C is calling for the re-establishment and use of Civilian Police Review Boards to monitor misconduct by police. As all branches of the U.S. military are subordinate to civilian authority and oversight, domestic law enforcement officials should be under the control of the citizens they are supposedly "sworn to protect and serve." We further contend that members of such police review boards should be elected on a non-partisan basis, rather than appointed by elected officials who often owe allegiance to or are fearful of, police and their politically-active unions. Toward these ends, we support the National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officials for Justice, Reform and Accountability's (NCLEO) efforts to reign-in the out-of-control police establishment in America. 
7. "Blackonomics Activism" 
While public protests against deadly misconduct by police is perfectly understandable and laudable, oftentimes they result in economic windfalls to some of the very people and institutions being protested against. Police are often 'cozy' with and enjoy free benefits provided by hotels and motels, bars and restaurants, retail stores, and 
other venues frequented by participants and the media when they gather for a protest in a given community. OMCBV&C strongly urges protest organizers, to the fullest extent feasible, to use black-owned bus companies for transportation to and from the protests, black or otherwise minority-owned lodging and food establishments, and purchase their promotional material (t-shirts, etc,) from black vendors. By doing this, the protestors will contribute economically to the groups who are typically the victims of police misconduct. 
8. Juneteenth Observances 
The One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors (OMCBV&C) supports the effort of the Juneteenth Observance Foundation to establish "Juneteenth" as a "National Day of Observance" in America; and the corresponding effort of the '150Years.net' group to designate "Juneteenth" as an official "Day of Observance" In the State of Texas. 
9. Cooperative Economic Empowerment 
The One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors (OMCBV&C) endorses and supports the "Us Lifting Us Economic Development Cooperative" (ULU), based in Atlanta, Georgia, as a model of a cooperative approach to economic empowerment for African-Americans. ULU "marts" are envisioned for black communities in every metropolitan area in the country with a significant population of people of African descent. The ULU web site is www.usliftingus.com .
10. "Hot Black Coffee Party" Study Groups 
The One Million Conscious Black voters and Contributors (OMCBV&C) endorses and supports the efforts by Brother Louis Ali and his associates in the State of Louisiana to conduct a series of discussions to study the feasibility of establishing an official independent black political party, which would be named the "Hot Black Coffee Party, No Sugar, No Cream." The proposed HBCP-NS-NC would build on the ill-fated effort initiated in Gary, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois in 1972. 
Now, lets get it done folks!  Are you one of the two out 100 Africans in America who get it?  Are you..."one of the million"?