Business Advice

The Irrational Power of "Free"

ImageCAUTION: Beware of “FREE” – A money trap could be close by.

In fact, the power of the word “free” actually causes us to make decisions that are downright irrational.

National Black Business Month

ImageNational Black Business Month is partnering with, led by Roger Madison Jr. to highlight the community contributions of African-American-owned businesses each day during August as part of the Faces of Black Business campaign.

Economic Initiative -- Refer 10,000 Black-owned Businesses

ImageAs an advocate for Black Economic Empowerment, I wondered what would happen if 10,000 African Americans began to refer Black-owned businesses to their neighbors and friends. I want to explore that idea, and invite you to join me in a self- help challenge to stimulate economic empowerment in the Black community.