Business Advice

THE BARON INSIGHT: Execute Your Million-Dollar Idea

ImageYou only live once. Do you really want to spend more than forty hours a week working on something other than what you are truly passionate about? The truth is extremely successful entrepreneurs are inherently no different than you; they just make different choices.

THE BARON INSIGHT: Emotional Intelligence - The New Wealth-Builder

ImageMoving forward, entrepreneurs and small business owners will have to adopt a more holistic way of thinking and processing information to survive. As the majority of purchases are now made from emotion, superior logic and linear thinking are no longer enough to establish and maintain one's competitive edge.

MondayMover: Mental Exfoliation . . .

Image...not given nearly the same level of attention given to other parts of the body. The times in which you call things into question is healthy. Forget the rainbow - think first to be prepared for the rain. Sounds simple. Well it's not. Look for your umbrella.

MondayMover -- Watch the (flickering) lights!

Image"If it wasn't clear before Tuesday, it is now: This is no ordinary economic crisis, and it won't be over anytime soon" taken from the July 16, 2008 edition of USA Today. A CEO, CCO, CDO, CIO, CMO, COO, CTO, CIO, small business owner, stay at home spouse [and perhaps you] saw the same. Don't close your eyes...they just dimmed the lights. "