Walking for African Centered Education

ImageOne Florida Man believes teaching African American Kids about the accomplishments and history of Africans is a key to success…and he is walking up the east coast to prove it.

News Three’s Alice Massimi joined him today to talk about African Centered Teaching and whether it can solve some of our problems.  CLICK HERE to view the video.

His back aches and his feet hurt… but Amefika Geuka continues…
Step by step… almost halfway through his thousand mile trek from West Palm Beach to Washington D.C. he is walking for African American Youth.

“We feel the way to change that is to put a focus on education of those children being educated from their own perspective,” explains Geuka.

Which is why he and two others founded the Joseph Littles - NGUZO SABA Charter School in Florida.   
“The public education system in America no matter how well intended it may be, it actually demoralizes black children and black people because it dismisses for the most part that people of African descent have ever contributed anything of any significance to the forward flow of civilization.”

For example, while the history books say the Egyptians built the pyramids they fail to mention Egypt is in Africa and the Nile where civilization is said to be born is in Africa.

“In fact if they knew their history they would be too proud to engage in certain things,” he points out. 

That is why Geuka feels using history as a role model can help keep young people out of trouble.

“Since you are not African American you have not been demoralized you don’t look in the mirror and hate what you see or wish what you didn’t see,” he points out to me. 

So step by step Geuka hopes to replace negative with positive and put children on the same course.

Geuka says once he arrives in D.C. he plans on holding a rally and also reading a proclamation for African Centered Education Elevation Day.

To follow Geuka on his travels and learn more about the school click here: